Astronaut Snaps Photo of an Airplane from the ISS

Every day, NASA releases a photograph from their collection that allows us to admire the great blue and green planet we call Earth. Recently, the agency released a picture of a group of small island cays in the Bahamas. The most interesting aspect of the photo is not the location, but a little bit of detail that reveals itself when you closely examine the photo.

Photographer Captures Her Daughter’s Connection to the Sea in Graceful Underwater Portraits

Bahamas-based underwater photographer Elena Kalis and her daughter Sacha Kalis have a deep connection with the water. Elena has been an underwater photographer for many years, and Sacha, thanks in part to her mother's encouragement and in part to her own natural affinity to the water, says she "learned to swim before she could walk."

Together, they create dream-like, peaceful portraits that capture Sacha's world beneath the waves and her connection to all the creatures that make the waters of the Bahamas their home.