Antarctic Hyperlapse Takes You on a Two Month Ice Breaking Journey in 5 Minutes

Icebreakers are the bouncers of the ship world. With specially designed thicker hulls shaped to direct ice to the sides and under the ship, they ram into massive ice pockets and drive their way through, sometimes climbing up onto the ice to crack it under the ship's weight.

For the last couple of months, marine scientist Cassandra Brooks has been on one of these massive machines called the Nathaniel B. Palmer in the Ross Sea, and she's decided to upload a hyperlapse to prove it and take us on a two month ice breaking research voyage in the process.

Cute: Photographer Gets Up Close and Personal with Baby Elephant Seals

Photographing wild gorillas is scary. Taking pictures of baby elephant seals? Not so much. In this amazingly cute video, Irish broadcaster Charlie Bird encounters a pair of friendly elephant seal pups while photographing on a beach in Antarctica. Apparently if you lie on the sand near pups, they'll come to you to cuddle and to investigate your DSLR.