How to Use an Ancient Photo Trick to Create Surreal Digital Photos

I recently rediscovered an old photography technique that allows you to add surreal color to photos that show movement in the frame. The technique seems to be new in the digital domain, but the technique itself has been known since the early era of digital photography.

Photos: The Beautiful Architecture of India’s Ancient Stepwells

Over the past several years, Chicago-based journalist Victoria Lautman has traveled through India numerous times, visiting over 120 ancient stepwells that were once used to access water during dry months. Lautman has been shooting photos to document the beautiful architecture of the sites, creating records of the structures as they're slowly being lost to decay.

Photographer Documents the Oldest Living Things on Earth in Fascinating Photo Book

Rachel Sussman's quest to document some of the oldest living things on Earth before they become the newly extinct has been going on for nigh on a decade. But now, that series is hitting the mainstream like never before, as the photographs she has so painstakingly captured are compiled into a book called, appropriately enough, The Oldest Living Things in the World.

Artist Finds and Develops Ancient Photo Paper, Some Older Than a Century

Using expired film is pretty common among analog photographers, but have you heard of anyone using expired photo paper... from over a century ago? That's what artist Alison Rossiter does. For her project "Lost and Found", she collected hundreds of sheets of expired photo paper from decades past -- some more than 100 years older than the expiration date found on their packages -- and then developed them to uncover abstract images.