People Are Falling Back in Love With Disposable Cameras –The Washington Post

Fujifilm QuickSnap disposable cameras on retro background

In a world where nearly everyone has a very capable digital camera right in their pocket and can instantly capture, view, and share all their favorite images, a growing number look longingly at the “olden days” of photography, when photographers had to wait days to see your shots and camera equipment was terrible.

“Savvy minimalists are swapping out smart devices for ‘dumb’ ones… Tech you thought you’d never see again has a way of popping back up. What’s old to some is new to the young, whose latest discovery-slash-resurrection is the humble disposable camera,” writes Jessica M. Goldstein for The Washington Post.

Young people are flocking to disposable cameras, like the Fujifilm QuickSnap, and enjoying the process of photography more than the results themselves. The very people that older generations believe are addicted to the newest tech are bringing outdated equipment back to life, seeking a slower pace to photography and life in general.