Adorama is Holding a Fashion Photography Workshop in NYC –Eventbrite

If you’re hungry for some in-person photography education, Adorama is holding a workshop you may want to attend on October 26th. It’s called “The Fashion Photography Event.” Here’s the description:

The world of fashion, beauty and commercial photography is one filled with creativity, problem-solving, and high income potential. In this full-day, hands-on event you’ll learn about the different realms of fashion photography with everything from quick business tips to photographic equipment and techniques. Top NYC fashion photographers Lindsay Adler, Jingna Zhang, Emily Soto, and Emily Teague will help you explore commercial fashion photography (campaign and avant garde), editorial fashion, as well as beauty photography. Join us for this first ever fashion event bringing together incredible talent, knowledge and stunning stylized models for you to photograph!

Tickets cost $199 and can be purchased over at Eventbrite.