Photographer Captures Moon ‘Dressed Up’ Like Saturn

Photographer Francisco Sojuel was climbing a volcano when he spotted the moon “dressed up” like Saturn. A thin cloud passing across the front of the Moon made it look like it had rings.

The 25-year-old Guatemala City-based photographer was at a basecamp on the Guatemalan volcano Acatenango back on December 24th, 2019, two days before a solar eclipse. After a six-hour journey to get to the location, Sojuel captured this photo in the wee hours of the morning before sunrise.

“⁣From afar you may wonder, ‘Is that an asteroid ring around the moon?’. Well, the disguise of this waning moon is actually a thin cirrostratus cloud,” Sojuel tells PetaPixel. “The way the cloud interacts with the moon creates a unique display of beauty […] Below the moon? The dimly lit silhouette of volcano Pacaya and the Guatemalan highlands can be appreciated.⁣”

You can find more of Sojuel’s work on his website, Facebook, 500px, and Instagram.