Portraits of My Son’s Outfits for COVID-19 Homeschooling

During our COVID-19 shelter in place lockdown, I took portraits of my son’s outfits that he would put together for homeschool.

Both of us had reservations about our new eLearning situation. The first week was a true test of patience for the teacher and student. After a rough day, I sat down with him and he tearfully shared with me all the things he missed about school and what was not working during our homeschool routine.

I can appreciate his honesty. I will be the first one to admit I was not cut out to be a teacher. Although limited in his opinion, we talked about the ‘pros’ of having school at home. High on his list was that he could wear whatever he wanted (or nothing at all for that matter).

He has always had an eclectic fashion sense. I started taking portraits of his ensembles.

The process of assembling his outfit and then photographing them is what saved us.

About the author: Karen Osdieck is an accountant by trade and a visual artist by passion from a small suburb outside of Chicago, Illinois. The opinions expressed in this article are solely those of the author. As an artist, Karen aims to transfigure the everyday into something noteworthy. She uses photography to come to terms with the chaotic-ness of motherhood and simultaneously to normalize the unglamorous side of suburban childhood. Inherited from her dad, Karen takes the approach that all facets of life are equally worthy of documenting and not just “the perfect ones”. You can find more of Osdieck’s work on her website.