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Fujifilm to Boost Lens Production Capacity by 70% by 2020 –Fujifilm

Fujifilm has announced that it’s planning to increase its lens production capacity by 70% in the next 1.5 years in order to address “the ever-increasing demand for mirrorless digital cameras.”

Additional production facilities will be set up at the Taiwa Factory of FUJIFILM Optics Co. […], a subsidiary for producing cameras and lenses in Japan. The new facilities will go operational in stages starting in September 2018. This expansion will boost the production capacity by approx. 70% in 2020, when all of the new facilities go fully operational. […] Fujifilm is substantially reinforcing the production capacity of FFOP’s Taiwa Factory in response to a growing demand for mirrorless digital cameras and to achieve further sales expansion of interchangeable lenses for the X Series and GFX Series.