This App Lets You Upload to Instagram Directly From Your Desktop

Windowed is a simple new app that finally lets you upload to Instagram directly from your Mac or PC desktop.

Created by photographer and programmer Felix Sun, the app is essentially a tiny mobile browser that you can log into Instagram’s website through.

We previously posted a tutorial on how you can upload Instagram photos from your computer by making Instagram think you’re using a mobile browser. The reason this works is that Instagram’s website allows for photo uploading, but only if you’re visiting it through your smartphone — open up the same website on your computer browser and you won’t see the upload options.

What Windowed does is provide a stripped down mobile browser for computers that’s dedicated to posting photos to Instagram.

“Instagram already provides the functionality to upload photos through a web browser, but sadly this feature is locked to mobile web browsers only,” Sun writes. “Windowed overcomes this issue by pretending to be a mobile browser, allowing you to visit the Instagram mobile website directly from your Mac or Windows PC.”

What this also means is that Windowed doesn’t need any access to your Instagram username or password, since you’re simply logging in directly to the Instagram website. Once you’re logged in, click the camera icon in the top bar to start a photo upload.

Windowed is 100% free, and the setup .exe currently weighs about 32 megabytes. You can download it from the app’s website.

Image credits: Desktop image in header illustration by GNOME icon artists