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This is What 20fps with No Blackout Looks Like on the Sony a9


This footage might confuse you at first. You might wonder, “when is he going to start shooting?” Here’s the thing: he already is. This is what 20 frames per second with no blackout and AE/AF tracking looks like on the newly announced Sony a9.

Sony is currently holding a multi-day press event in New York City, showing off the a9 and letting photographers and photo press try it out in a variety of scenarios. That’s where this video, uploaded by Hugh Brownstone of Three Blind Men and An Elephant Productions, was captured.

It looks like Hugh was shooting RAW, 1/1000 of a second exposures at 20fps and ISO 8000, and his first impressions are very positive. In an interview uploaded shortly after the 20fps demo, he says the a9 is “designed to be a DSLR killer.” Check it out for yourself up top, and hold on to your jaw.