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Humor: ‘Creepiest Canon Camera Review EVER’ Parodies Camera Comparisons


Editor’s Note: There is both strong language and a few borderline NSFW scenes in this video. Proceed with caution.

‘Frank Lasagna’ wants to highlight the differences between the Canon 6D and the T5i. He also wants to spy on his neighbor’s wife in the highest possible quality. Fortunately for you if you need a laugh, he does both in this parody review titled, extremely accurately: “The Creepiest Canon Camera Review EVER.”

The review is actually a parody of Dave Dougdale’s comparison of the 60D and the T4i, to the extent where certain shots are identical, but the theme throughout the parody review is less ‘educational’ and a lot more ‘stalker.’

Autofocus is explored in regards to how effective it is if “your subject is moving… or fleeing,” low-light capability is there to capture his neighbor’s wife through a window, and part way through the review, the neighbor seeks and gets his revenge in unapologetically violent terms.

Obviously this isn’t meant to be taken seriously, so if you need a laugh and can take this as a joke, go ahead and click play above and cringe your way through this painful review.

(via Reddit)