Video: How ‘Through the Glass’ Backboard Cameras are Set Up at the NCAA Final Four

Many spectacular sports photos are captured by cameras that are being triggered from a ways away, as this allows for angles that would otherwise be dangerous — for both the photographer and the athletes — or outright impossible to capture. But have you ever wondered how these remote cameras are set up?

Well, if you have (or even if you haven’t and are now intrigued) then professional sports photographer Brett Wilhelm has some answers for you in the form of a BTS/tutorial video that was shot on-location at the 2014 NCAA Final Four.

© Chris Steppig/NCAA Photos
© Chris Steppig/NCAA Photos

The video does the explaining better than we can, and so we’ll let it do the heavy lifting. Basically, Wilhelm runs you through how the NCAA Photos ‘through the glass’ backboard cameras (Nikon D4s) were set up to safely and reliably capture the action.

This serves two purposes. One: if you’re interested in setting up your own remote cameras, you now have something of a step-by-step guide. And two: it’s just a cool behind the scenes look at how awesome shots like the one you see above (or some of the other through the glass shots in this gallery) were captured.