BTS: Ultra-Stable MoVI Footage Shot While Flying Through the Air on Skis

The MōVI freefly systems are very expensive, there’s no denying that. But when you see this behind the scenes video and the footage that the Red Bull Media House was able to capture with it while the camera man launched off massive jumps and flew through the air on skis, you’ll never wonder whether or not it’s worth it again.

The footage was captured by the Media House at Copper Mountain, Colorado where Team USA slopestyle skier Nick Goepper trains. Shot with a slow-motion Phantom Miro attached to a MōVI M10 rig, the video shows how insanely stable the footage comes out even when the camera man is launching off of jumps at 50 miles per hour, flying through the air for 70 feet and landing hard.

Here’s the final video:

The goal was to get up close and personal with Goepper. To make the viewer feel as if he or she was flying alongside him as he performed ultra-difficult tricks like the unnatural double cork 1260 tail grab, showing every bit in slow motion while Goepper describes what’s happening.

When you describe it that way, it seems strange or funny that us camera nerds are often more interested in the camera rig than we are in the athlete flying through the air. But it really is hard to believe how stable the final footage is. Check it out for yourself to see what we’re talking about and head over to Red Bull’s blog for more details.