Leica Brazil Lets Interested Customers Buy the Leica C Directly Through Instagram

The popularity of Instagram as a place where you can buy or sell goods (both legal and otherwise) is well-established, but we were still surprised to find out that Leica Brazil has begun selling one of its cameras straight through the photo sharing site.

Advertised in the video above, this Instagram purchase ability was a special promotion created to celebrate the launch of Leica Brazil’s Instagram account, as well as the fact that the Leica C is the company’s first WiFi-enabled camera. Those who wanted to buy the Audi-designed compact could purchase it by commenting on one of Leica Brazil’s photos.


The system is based on Brazilian e-commerce company Arco, which can attach a PayPal account your Instagram handle. Once registered, users simply type “comprar” (Portuguese for “purchase”) into the comments of the Leica C photo they like best.

In addition to the camera, they would also receive a complimentary print of the photo they commented on as a Christmas gift.

No word on whether or not the company will ever expand this promotion to include other countries or camera models, but it seemed to work decently well. According to Business Insider, as of two days before Christmas, 5 people had ponied up to purchase the $700 camera through Instagram.

(via Business Insider)