Polaroid’s iM1836 Mirrorless ILC is No More Thanks to Nikon Lawsuit


The Polaroid iM1836 has had a rough go of it since it first burst onto the scene at last year’s CES. Nobody seemed to think the camera was anything to write home about, and its similarity to Nikon’s 1-Series cameras was undeniable.

So undeniable, in fact, that earlier this year, Nikon filed a lawsuit to try to get the iM1836 pulled from the shelves. Yesterday, they succeeded.

The news came down from Nikon itself through a press release, which revealed that the court has officially issued a Preliminary Injunction Order as of yesterday, preventing camera manufacturer Sakar from “manufactur[ing], import[ing], advertis[ing], promot[ing], sell[ing], or ship[ping] the Polaroid iM1836 digital camera in its present configuration.”

I believe this is the part where Nikon starts singing “Na Na Na Na, Hey Hey Hey, Goodbye,” while the remaining iM1836’s pick up the strains of Pink Floyd’s “Goodbye Cruel World.”

(via Nikon Rumors)