Artist Brings Instagram Into the Real World by Putting Up Cardboard Instagram Frames


If you’re already of the opinion that Instagram has infiltrated too much of your life, we suggest you stay away from London for a little bit, because Brazilian artist Bruno Ribeiro is bringing the familiar filtered frames into the real world with his project Real Life Instagram.

The concept is simple: Ribeiro creates large Instagram frames, inserts green, blue, yellow, orange or red ‘filters’ into them, and then frames typical Instagram shots around London with them.

The project’s website is a compilation of photos of these frames that show where he’s installed them as well as people using them to frame their own Instagram shots… sort of like Instagram inception: an Instagram within an Instagram. All he needs to do is frame one of his frames and things will get really crazy.

Here’s a look at the photos he’s accumulated thus far for the series:












You can draw your own conclusions about the project’s purpose. Maybe it’s meant to get him some additional Instagram followers, or maybe he’s commenting on the ubiquity of Instagram and the fact that we can no longer appreciate a scene until it’s been filtered, framed, hashtagged and liked.

Whatever the point, it’s an interesting fusion of the real and digital worlds that piqued our interest. So if you want to see more, head over to the Real Life Instagram website or search the hashtag over on Webstagram. Thus far, that hashtag has accumulated some 566 photos, but we have a feeling that’ll keep increasing.

(via Gizmodo)

Image credits: Photographs by Bruno Ribeiro and used with permission.