Making a Rotating Room Set for a Gravity Defying Shoot for Just $350

North Webster, Indiana-based photographer and videographer Justin Fredrick Clark recently shared this awesome behind-the-scenes video showing how he and some other guys at his church built a rotating room for just $350 (granted, they already had access to some pretty serious equipment) for a creative work project.

The entire set was built and torn down in the span of just one week. They started out by building the small room out of wood beams and panels:


They then attached car rims to the front and back of the room as a hub as a point at which the room is connected to some forklifts:


Finally, they furnished the room and added some lighting to increase the realism of the illusion:


By rotating a camera with the set, and by having a human model hopping around inside on the four walls, some pretty neat photos and videos can be captured:


This project is basically a miniaturized version of what director Christopher Nolan and his crew built for the trippy hallway fight scene in the movie Inception:

As you can see, that custom rotating set was much, much bigger.

Image credits: Video and stills by Justin Fredrick Clark