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Camera Dominos: The Result of 200 Spare Cameras and Too Much Free Time

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Here’s a silly video that’ll start off your Saturday on a light note. It’s called Camera Dominos and it’s exactly what it sounds like: a couple of hundred cameras cascading one after the other to epic music.

Camera Dominos was put together by Fujifilm Australia Digital Training Specialist Warwick Williams and his daughter one lazy afternoon. His title explains how he managed to have some 200+ Fujifilm cameras just lying around…


When he’s not lining up hundreds of cameras with his daughter and watching them topple, Williams is helping train Fuji enthusiasts and doling out advice through Fujifilm Australia’s Web show “Top Tips.”

Once you’re done watching the video at the top, you probably wanna go check out that channel here. Camera Dominos might not have much of an application beyond putting a smile on your face, but we have a feeling you’ll find the Top Tips episodes a bit more useful — especially if Fujifilm is your camera company of choice.

(via F Stop Lounge)

1 Comment