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Light Painter Jason D. Page Talks About What Inspired Him to ‘See The Light’


Photographer Jason D. Page came to light painting by accident. Carrying his camera down the beach on a full moon night, he was taking long exposure of the water when he accidentally bumped his tripod — from that moment on, he was hooked. But the reasons why light painting was able to have such an instant and significant impact on his life go much deeper than the accidental discovery of a cool technique.

In this short documentary, Page talks about his passion in depth, explaining how light painting works and giving us a glimpse into the dark past that drove him to ultimately ‘see the light.’


Ironically, Page was extremely afraid of the dark as a child, unable even to walk down the hall in his grandparents home without one of them at his side. “Now I go out in the darkness alone,” explains Page. “I go out in the middle of the woods at night, and instead of finding fear there, I find it a place of inspiration and beauty.”

Be forewarned, the documentary gets a bit dark towards the end. One of Page’s long-buried reasons for light-painting was the life-long attempt to recreate a dream (he also calls it a near death experience) he had while being beaten in the middle of the night by his step-father.


But there is a silver lining to the darkness that defined much of Page’s early years, and that is that it drove him to seek out this place of comfort that came to him in a dream.

“Light painting is life’s way of giving me an opportunity to get back into that place, that place where I was so happy,” says Page as he signs off at the end of the documentary, “and when I’m out here creating my work, out here in nature, I’m happy.”

To see more of Page’s work, head over to his website by clicking here.