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Focus on Imaging Shuttered: Europe’s Largest Annual Photo Expo is No More



Europe’s largest annual photo expo, Focus on Imaging, has been terminated, according to organizer Mary Walker Exhibitions. Focus on Imaging’s last show was in March of this year, following years of exhibitions.

The move is seemingly a sudden one, and Mary Walker Exhibitions has not hinted as to why exactly Focus on Imaging has been terminated, though it could be speculated that the lack of large photographic companies appearing in the past few exhibitions may have something to do with the ultimate downfall of the trade show.

“I am certain that the time is right for the industry to perhaps find fresh opportunities and bring new ideas to photographers,” said Mary Walker herself.

Focus on Imaging Logo

These fresh opportunities, however, do not include the sale of Focus on Imaging. According to Walker, “Focus On Imaging will not be sold – I’m simply bringing it to an end it is with great pride that I look upon an amazing period of time in my life, where I continually worked hard to run Focus On Imaging to the absolute best of my ability.”

Mary Walk Exhibitions did not immediately respond to a request for comment from PetaPixel on the closure of the event.


Mary Walker Exhibitions ran for 24 years with over half a million visitors in that time span. 35,000 individuals attended Focus on Imaging in 2013, eight percent down from the previous year.

(via What Digital Camera)

Image credits: A quick blast of photos at focus on imaging, nec – birmingam – #focus09 by philcampbell, A quick blast of photos at focus on imaging, nec – birmingam – #focus09 by philcampbell