This Conceptual Instant Camera Spits Out Flipbook Animations

Here’s an interesting concept! Jiho Jang, a student, has come up with Polaroid-like instant camera, dubbed GIFTY, that captures short clips and prints them out. According to Jang, it was put together as part of his college thesis.

Wait — printing out a video? What’s next? A GIF with sound? The concept involves first capturing a small clip (the camera prototype includes a timer). Thereafter, the camera will print each frame, at which point in time you can tear each frame apart to create the flip-book. By the looks of it, the concept includes a page holder of some sort, so you don’t easily lose frames. So there you have it, a GIF on-the-go. Sound not included.

GIFTY overview

According to Jang, the only prototype of this creative camera is in his hands, so you’re probably not going to see one of these on your electronics store shelves for a while — if ever. Could there really be enough demand for a GIFTY camera?

Until then, you can count on watching your memorable life moments in GIF or video form on your electronic devices. That is, unless you’re willing to go through the steps of creating a flip-book the old-fashioned way.

(via Yanko Design via Gizmodo)