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World’s Largest Indoor Photo Weighs in at 40 Gigapixels


Photographer Jeffrey Martin, founder of 360cities, recently use a Canon 550D and 200mm lens to shoot the largest indoor photograph ever made: a ginormous 40 gigapixel photograph of a 18th-century baroque library in the Strahov Monastery in Prague, Czech Republic. Over 5 days of shooting with his robot control camera, Martin collected 2,947 separate photos that went into the resulting panorama. The RAW photos then took a day to batch process, 111 hours to stitch, and 20 hours to Photoshop, finally ending as a single 283 gigabyte photograph.

Here’s a short video tour of the image:

To poke around the photo yourself, head on over to its page on 360cities.

Strahov Library 40 Gigapixels (via Wired)