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DIY Small Softbox with Color Filters


Today I spent a couple of hours designing and making a simple box to fit directly onto a normal flash unit. I also made a couple of colored filters. After doing all this I thought I could share this with others and hopefully make them happy by doing so.

If you want to make the same thing all you need is to print the design sheet stretched to A4 (its already an A4 scan) onto 400 gram thick paper or normal paper which you need to laminate later before cutting.

Other necessities:

  • Colored transparent paper sheets
  • Velcro
  • Black tape, any other tape will also do
  • A pair of scissors

The box is attached to the flash unit by velcro as well..

Now the pictures of the parts and finished product:

About the author: Lennard Kager is a photo-enthusiast and student based in the Netherlands. Visit his Flickr account here.