external Vine Grows Up, Lets You Edit And Upload Existing Video —Wired

Vine is rolling out some new features available for iOS today and Android shortly after. Sharing with an audience of over 100 million per month, users will now be able to upload videos directly into the app, activate focus-lock feature on the front facing camera as well as a variety of editing features.

Aug 22, 2014 · ∞ Permalink · No Comments » Goes Live! Brings Browser-Based, Google Drive-Powered RAW Editing and Photo Organization to All

It was just over a year ago that we told you about, a platform that promised to bring the RAW editing and photo organization capabilities of programs like Lightroom to your browser.

Well, after a year spent mostly under wraps and unusable, is officially in public beta and ready for the world take it for a spin. Read more…

external Twitter Will Remove Images Of The Deceased At The Request Of Family —Engadget

Following the apalling Twitter harassment of Zelda Williams after her father’s death, Twitter has created a new policy that allows users to request images and videos of deceased family members to be removed “from when critical injury occurs to the moments before or after death”. Twitter is taking measures against bullying on the social media platform but also “considers public interest factors” in determining whether or not they will honor requests.

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external Google Acquires Image-Based City Guides Company Jetpac —Digital Trends

Google seems to be broadening its visual search capabilities with the latest acquisition of iOS app Jetpac. Jetpac uses public information from Instagram photos to create image-driven city maps and guides. The app’s technology can create hangout spots like “hipster hangout” by identifying photos with high numbers of mustaches.

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GIF YouTube Easily Converts YouTube Clips to Your Favorite Animated Format

Screen Shot 2014-08-19 at 12.54.05 PM

GIF YouTube is the YouTube-to-GIF converter we’ve all been waiting for… well, GIF lovers at any rate. It uses the ‘do one thing well’ mentality to very easily and effectively turn any YouTube video into an animated GIF of your choosing. Read more…

Tumblr Inks Deal to Allow Ditto to Scan Your Photos for Clues About What Brands You Use

Update: Major changes have been made after learning a majority of the online coverage of this updated was incorrect.


Tumblr users post approximately 130 million photos every day. And starting this week, they will begin to sort through every single one of them for various brands and items, with the help of Ditto Labs.

Read more…

external Bolt Vs. Bolt: A New Photo Messenger Debuts Using A Familiar Name —TechCrunch

“Snapchat is optimized for quickly sending photos, but it’s fairly crappy at being able to consume photos – number one, because they suddenly disappear; number two, because you have to hold your finger on the screen; number three because there’s no history,” explains Bicanic. “I thought: Why isn’t there a simple app that does both of these things combined? And that’s what we came up with.”

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August: A Fulfilling Photo Sharing Platform that Makes Discovering Talent as Fun as Being Discovered


Photo sharing and portfolio building sites, if you’ll allow us a cliché, are a dime a dozen. Once you strip away the marketing speak they act in much the same way, with the differences are few and great work is often buried under an avalanche of work that’s just ‘okay.’

It takes a lot, in other words, to really break the mold — which is what makes the August platform/app such a breath of fresh photo sharing air. Part respectable art gallery, part photo sharing and discovery platform, it offers a unique and incredibly fulfilling experience for both creators and consumers. Read more…

external QuickDrop Adds Instant Dropbox Uploads And Downloads To Chrome —Lifehacker

QuickDrop is a new, free Chrome extension from our dear friend Dropbox that allows you to quickly and easily download or upload files directly from the browser.

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external EyeEm Partners With Foursquare And Huff Post For Photo Challenges —TechCrunch

To get their users to venture outside the EyeEm community, EyeEm has partnered with Foursquare and The Huffington Post for a friendly photo challenge. Users can submit photos around certain areas or topics for the chance to win various prizes. Just be informed that you may be giving out work for free in exchange for “exposure”.

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