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Ghetto-Flo: How to Create Your Own DIY Kino-Flo-style Lights for Portraiture


We were introduced to the “Ghetto-Flo” lights after reading the excellent blog of New York-based photographer Brad Trent. He had mounted 4 standard workshop fluorescent light fixtures into light-stand mountable strip lights. “Ghetto-Flo” because they’re similar in use to the much more expensive Kino-Flo lights, though there are advantages to the later (variable power and output).
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6 Tips for Effectively Shooting Behind The Scenes

Vonnegut (7 of 12)

In my experience there seems to be a common misconception that shooting production photography and behind the scenes videos/documentaries are an easy task. While it’s true that these sometimes don’t require the normal spit and polish, photographers are used to, especially in terms of video work, I can assure you they’re no walk in the park.

As is the case any time you’re working around high level talent, or even low level talent for that matter, there’s still plenty that could go wrong. A lesson I quickly found out as I started shooting behind the scenes videos a few years ago.
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So You Want to Shoot Film?


I have been shooting a lot of film lately and enjoy it tremendously, so I thought I’d share some of the experiences I’ve had in the last year or so, mainly so you can learn from the mistakes I made, avoid them and then make your own.

For the sake of getting some kind of structure into this post I’ll try and describe three typical scenarios of people shooting film today, differentiated by the amount of control you’ll have over the image.
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Build Your Own DIY Tripod from Scratch


Are you the type of person who enjoys using things built using your own two hands? 20-year-old Croatian tinkerer CroBuilder is like that too. He recently spent 10 hours in his workshop building a camera tripod from scratch.
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external Lighting a Group Photograph Containing 1,300 People

— David Hobby at Strobist

Did I say lighting this would be a Herculean task? Let’s go with Spartan instead. Because any lighting rig will be a spartan approach to lighting 1,300 people. You’ll be cheating every variable. This is a big task, and something you obviously have not done before. Hell, I haven’t done it before.

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external Wedding Seminar Done with a Staged Wedding —BH inDepth

NYC wedding photographer Andy Marcus shares how he shoots weddings by taking us step by step through his process in a staged wedding. This video seminar runs a little over an hour.

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external Create a DIY Lightbox using a Five Gallon Bucket —5 Gallon Ideas

Need a quick, cheap, and easy lightbox for shooting studio-style product photographs of small objects? Cut a hole in a 5 gallon bucket, and voila! Instant lightbox!

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How to Make Polaroid Emulsion Lifts


Earlier this year I tried Polaroid emulsion lifts for the first time. An emulsion lift (or emulsion transfer) is when the emulsion layer is removed from a sheet of instant film and then transferred to a different surface.

I’ve always thought they would be hard to do and was surprised at how easy and fun it was, so I thought I’d put together a little step by step guide to making instant film lifts!
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Film Photography Technique Tips for the Digital Photographer


Film photography is similar in many ways to digital photography, and most of your standard digital photography techniques apply to film too. You just have to understand the peculiarities of film and its limitations and you’re good to go.

That will be explained in detail in this article, which presumes readers are already reasonably proficient at digital photography and are embarking upon film photography for the first time.
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Using The DMCA To Stop the Copyright Infringement of Your Photos


Over the years I have been finding more and more of my photos being used on the Web without my permission. This is a quick guide to detecting and enforcing copyright.
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