An Incredibly Rare Photo of a Quadruple Rainbow


New Yorker Amanda Curtis was waiting for a train in Long Island, New York, this past Tuesday when she spotted something incredibly rare: a quadruple rainbow in the sky. She quickly snapped and shared a photo of it online, where it became one of the most talked about images over the past couple of days.
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The Pentax K-3 II: Pixel Shifting, GPS, Compass, and Star Tracking


Ricoh today announced its new Pentax K-3 II DSLR, the successor to the K-3 of 2013. The camera packs a number of new features, including pixel shifting, GPS, and star tracking.
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Adobe Releases Camera Raw 9: Same HDR, Pano, and GPU Upgrades as Lightroom CC


Adobe made a big announcement for Lightroom CC/6 yesterday, but if you use Adobe Camera Raw for your RAW processing, don’t worry: Adobe didn’t forget about you. Adobe also quietly rolled out Adobe Camera Raw 9, an update that includes a few of the same big features that were introduced with great fanfare for Lightroom CC.
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Feds Investigating Incident of US Marshal Smashing Cell Phone Camera


Yesterday we shared a startling video in which a woman who was pointing her smartphone camera at a group of law enforcement officers had the device snatched from her hand, smashed against the ground, and then kicked back at her. It turns out the man who did it is a deputy U.S. marshal, and the U.S. Marshals Service says it’s now investigating the incident.
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Hipstamatic DSPO is Like a Virtual Disposable Camera You Can Share with Friends


Filtered photo sharing pioneer Hipstamatic is back with a new photo app that puts more emphasis on collaboration than it does on filters. Called DSPO, the new app is like a virtual disposable camera that can be shared among friends.
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Sony’s Touchless Shutter App Lets You Trigger Your Camera with the Eye Sensor


Sony has released a new app called Touchless Shutter that lets you trigger cameras without touching them, or anything else, at all. Instead of pressing the shutter button, you can instead hold your hand over the camera’s eye sensor to expose a shot.
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Man Has Edward Weston Prints Appraised for $260K on Antiques Roadshow


A man named Andrew recently brought four old photographs by Edward Weston to Antiques Roadshow when the show made a stop in Santa Clara, California. After having his prints assessed by expert Aimee Pflieger, Andrew was surprised (and delighted) to learn that they are worth up to $260,000.
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Yongnuo Launches Its 35mm f/2 Lens for Canon EF


We reported late last year that the Chinese Canon clone-maker Yongnuo was planning to launch a new 35mm f/2 lens for Canon EF cameras. The lens has now arrived.
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Zeiss Batis: The First Ever Lenses with OLED Displays, Delivers FF Autofocus on Sony FE


Now this is different: Zeiss has just announced a new line of lenses called Batis. The two new lenses — a 25mm f/2 and an 85mm f/1.8 — are the world’s first full-frame autofocus lenses that feature an OLED display on the lenses for focus distance and depth of field.
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Nikon D4s Gets Unlimited Burst and Exposure Time via Firmware Update


Nikon has announced a new firmware update for its high-end D4s DSLR that gives it a number of new abilities and fixes, among which are unlimited continuous shooting and unlimited exposure time.
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