Photographer Stages Playful Scenes to Bring Everyday Things to Life

Cameras on Vacation

Animated Photography” is an ongoing project by photographer ErAn Croitoru, who stages and shoots creative scenes with everyday objects that turn them into living creatures.
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This Experimental Time-Lapse Imagines Life Without Light Pollution

What kind of nighttime time-lapses could you shoot in cities like Los Angeles if light pollution weren’t a problem? A couple of time-lapse photographers want to show you. They’ve created an experimental time-lapse that shows a sky full of stars and star trails over the light-polluted city of Los Angeles.
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Interrupt: A Slow-Motion Audiovisual Experience of Daily Life in Southeast Asia

Earlier this year, filmmaker and musician Paul Wex traveled through a number of countries in Southeast Asia. Instead of using standard photos or video to document his trip, Wex decided to create an “audiovisual neurotic slow-motion experience” of the everyday things he saw. What resulted is the short film above, titled “Interrupt.”
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Photographer Shaves Off Half His Beard for a Series of Surreal Self-Portraits


After spending four months growing out an impressive beard, photographer Adriano Alarcon decided to use his facial hair — well, half of it, anyway — for a series of surreal portraits. He shaved off just one side of the beard and filled in the gap with all kinds of strange things.
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Every Frame a Photo: Black and White Moments on New York City Streets

What would a black and white street photographer capture if given a cinema camera instead of a still camera? Perhaps something like this.

“Moments” is a short cinematography film that offers a hauntingly beautiful portrait of New York City in carefully framed slow motion shots. Each scene looks like a street photo unfolding before the eyes of a photographer.
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These Food Photos Show Junk Food Arranged to Look Like Fine Dining


One of the hottest food photographers on Instagram in the past couple of months is an anonymous user who goes by the name Chef Jacques LaMerde. It’s not the quality of the photos that’s attracting attention, but rather the subject matter. Each of the shots shows cheap junk food arranged to look like the artistic plates found at high-end restaurants.
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A Six-Hour Long-Exposure of the Celestial North Pole


Polish photographer Bartosz WojczyƄski pointed his camera straight at the north celestial pole and exposed his camera for a total of six hours. The photograph above is what resulted.
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Portraits of Famous Artists and Their Cats


What do Pablo Picasso, Andy Warhol, and Frida Kahlo have in common? All three are counted among the most famous artists in history, and all three were cat lovers.

For her new book Artists and Their Cats, artist Alison Nastasi has put together a collection of portraits showing some of history’s best-known artists and their beloved cat companions.
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Double Exposure Portraits of City Council Members and Things Important to Them


Photojournalist Kyle Grantham of The News Journal in Delaware recently shot a creative series of portraits of the city council members of Wilmington, Delaware. Each of the images is a double exposure photo showing the member blended with a subject of their choice.
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This Fire Breathing Bullet Time Was Captured Using 27 GoPro Cameras

Photographer Tyler Johnson built his own bullet time rig using 27 GoPro HERO Black cameras and captured some awesome footage of a fire breather doing his thing on a roof in San Francisco.
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