Magic Lantern Pulled ‘Unfunny’ April Fool’s Prank that Put Blue Screen of Death on DSLRs


Magic Lantern is being slammed online after pulling an “unfunny” April Fool’s Day prank that gave DSLR owners a fake “Blue Screen of Death.” The message on the screen contained phoney technical details and informed users that their camera was “bricked.”
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The Sony HX90V and WX500 Are the World’s Smallest 30x Zoom Cameras


Sony has just announced a pair of superzoom compact cameras that it claims are the world’s smallest to offer 30x optical zooms. The new WX500 and HX90V both have 24-720mm (35mm equiv.) zoom lenses with 5-axis optical image stabilization.
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The Upcoming Canon 5D Mark IV May Come in Photo and Video Versions


If new rumors in the camera world are to be believed, then Canon is planning to have four different camera models in its 5D lineup rather than three. The latest word is that Canon may announce the upcoming 5D Mark IV as two distinct DSLRs: the 5D Mark IV and the 5D Mark IVc (the “c” may stand for cinema).
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Manfrotto’s Digital Director Turns Your iPad Air into a Display and Remote for Your DSLR


Manfrotto has just unveiled a CamRanger competitor called the Digital Director that transforms your iPad Air into a display and remote control for your Canon or Nikon DSLR.
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Blackmagic’s New Micro Cinema Camera Can Shoot 1080p RAW from a Drone


Blackmagic has unleashed a new “world’s smallest” camera at NAB 2015 in Las Vegas today. The new Blackmagic Micro Cinema Camera is “the world’s smallest digital film action camera.” It’s a miniaturized Super 16 1080p RAW camera compatible with drones.
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Canon Price Drop Makes 31 EF L Lenses Permanently More Affordable


If you’ve been eyeing one of Canon’s high-end L lenses but haven’t yet pulled the trigger, Canon just made the decision a little easier for you. The company has announced a permanent price cut on 31 of its popular L lenses and 2 teleconverters, with drops ranging from $50 for some lenses to $800 for others.

If you’re interested in speedy primes, the Canon 24mm, 50mm and 85mm are all $100 cheaper. The biggest drop was for the Canon EF 200-400mm f/4L IS, which is now $800 cheaper at $10,999. You can find the complete list of lenses and price drops here.

Solo is a ‘Smart’ Camera Drone with Computer-Aided Flight and Picture Taking


The camera drone continues to heat up. Just days after industry heavyweight DJI announced its new Phantom 3 camera drone, 3D Robotics has unveiled what it calls “the world’s first smart drone.” Called the Solo, it’s a sleek “ready to fly” quadcopter that boasts computer-assisted flight and camera features.
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A Photographer Welcomes a New Family Member…


Photographer Dustin Thompson of Riverside, California, recently became the proud father of a new Sony A7II… so he decided to do a photo shoot to commemorate the happy event.
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Olympus TG-4 Brings RAW Photos to the Company’s Tough Compact Line


Olympus has announced its new Stylus Tough TG-4 rugged compact camera. Like its predecessors, the outer shell of the camera is durable and perfect for outdoor and underwater purposes. The biggest improvement is on the inside, though: the TG-4 is the first camera in the Tough line to have the ability to capture RAW photos.
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This Photographer Built the Ultimate Camera Suit


This photographer was spotted taking pictures at an anime street festival in Osaka, Japan, with a crazy DIY camera rig that covered his upper body. The kit included three DSLRs, three off camera flashes, multiple action cameras, a smartphone, an external hard drive, and more.
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