external U.S. Inquiry Sought In Police Treatment Of Press At Ferguson Protests —NYTimes

While agreeing that the blurring line between credentialed journalists and the public poses challenges for the police as they respond to protests, Suzanne Nossel, executive director of the PEN American Center, said that many of those distinctions were beside the point.

“The rights most important to the press are the rights everyone holds — to ask questions, to communicate, to be in a public place if they are acting peacefully,” she said in an interview.

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external Repping Instagram Photographers – Tinker Street Mobile —A Photo Editor

imageedit_40_8646601561T. Brittain Stone asks Tinker Street Mobile artist rep Jesse Miller how the burgeoning company is able to gather and manage many of Instagram’s most followed talent. It seems the culture of the company is just as pleasant and laid-back as the product-placed images they produce.

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external Top 10 Most Expensive Digital Cameras to Snap Shots With —Insider Monkey

For most, buying a camera means coupling great performance with a killer deal. But what if, for just a moment, you entertained the idea of deep pockets and glitz over practicality? Here’s a list of glam gadgets made for you.

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external How To Continue Using Capture NX2 With Unsupported Nikon Cameras —Nikon Rumors

The problem with new, updated software packages is being left in the dust when they no longer support your aging gear. Nikon’s new Capture NX-D software will not support older cameras like the D810 but you can follow these steps to continue using the tools.

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external Finding Visible Hope Amid Ebola’s Invisible Danger —NYTimes | LENS

It’s very easy to look at this story on the basis of numbers and how it’s spreading to Western countries and the hysteria that goes with that but on the ground it’s a very different story.

Even if it is extremely dangerous, which it is, you can manage yourself, manage your safety and manage your stress. And if you do succeed in sharing these human stories it’s really valuable.

I’ve never been in a place where I’ve seen so much humanity and so much courage and hope.

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external Photographing Giant Tortoises on an Island That Wants to Kill You —Nat Geo | PROOF

“Aldabra wants to kill you,” says Peschak. “It’s the antithesis of your tropical honeymoon destination—bone dry for much of the year, little shade and ridiculously hot. The coralline rock that makes up the atoll is so sharp that if you stub your toe hard enough it will fall off. It destroyed my new hiking boots in a matter of weeks.”

But the harsh environment on Aldabra—an Indian Ocean atoll that’s part of the Seychelles—is ultimately what saved its unique giant tortoise population from extinction. Peschak went there to show how a species that had been nearly decimated by human activity could make a resurgence if it was simply left alone.

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external The Hungarian Revolution of 1956: Photos From the Streets of Budapest —LIFE

For three incredible days in Hungary last week the flames of liberty and revenge against tyranny rose high. It almost seemed as if they could go on burning. The pictures on this and the following pages document this terrifying and exhilarating event.

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external ‘Getting Your Name Out There’ To Become Legal Tender —The Daily Mash

The heavy influence of social media in branding and marketing has long since woven itself into the fabric of the way people do business these days. But how far would you go without pay just to get your name out there?

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external The Savage Mountain —Reuters

The moon illuminates the snow-covered Concordia in the Karakoram mountain range in PakistanReuters photographer Wolfgang Rattay and son Jan travel to Northern Pakistan’s dangerously majestic K2 mountain range in search of beauty and adventure, leaving with awe, friendship, and swift kick to the ribs by a mule.

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external Leaving The Hot Zone: A First-Hand Account Of Ebola Screening —The Photo Brigade

Reporter and photojournalist Marcus DiPaola shares his account of returning home to the US from Liberia; one of the hardest hit countries of the Ebola outbreak.

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