external Perfect Timing on the Right Side of the Tracks —NYTimes | Lens

How does a photographer drawn to intimate, personal moments capture 700 miles of elevated infrastructure for cars, trucks and trains in New York City?

“I didn’t want my photographs to just be of people crossing intersections,” said Krisanne Johnson.

But there was good news for Ms. Johnson, a Brooklyn-based photographer who was awarded the 2013 Design Trust for Public Space Photo Urbanism Fellowship. She discovered that these intersections were really all about people after all. It was just a matter of arriving at the right part of the tracks at the right time.

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external Published Photographs Lead to Death Threats in Pakistan —TIME | LightBox

A photographer has received “a credible and direct threat” against her life after five years of images shot in Pakistan were published in the U.K.

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external Danny Wilcox Frazier’s Ode to the American Heartland —Nat Geo | PROOF

Wanderlust and a keen sense of wanting to make a difference: practical prerequisites for anyone dedicating their lives to photojournalism. As soon as he had the chance, Danny Wilcox Frazier left his hometown of LeClaire, Iowa and headed to Kenya to live the life of an international photojournalist. But it was back in Iowa where he found his voice.

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external Why Instagram Matters —Huffington Post

In a world of 140 Characters, Twitter continues to be a powerful platform. But in a platform where a picture is worth a thousand words, adding a story in the description of a photo turns each Instagram post into a short form novel. And something meaningful for the future.

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external A New Lens On Infertility (And The Art Of Healing) —Huffington Post

“I figured that if I was using photography as a creative outlet, maybe this outlet could help others,” says Walker. Since launching the exhibit earlier this year, she has taken dozens of portraits of people across the country. “Many of the images show a lot of love, a lot of hope and happiness; but there’s also I think a deep sense of grief and pain that comes with the experience of infertility.”

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external Sebastian Junger’s Fight To Save Journalists’ Lives —TIME | LightBox

Following the death of a friend and colleague in a mortar attack in Libya in April 2011, filmmaker and author Sebastian Junger founded a nonprofit, Reporters Instructed in Saving Colleagues, to help journalists working on the front.

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external Apple’s iCloud Photo Library: A Quick How-To Guide —Re/code

Still in beta, but here’s a quick guide to help you set up and try out their new automatic back-up for all your iOS photos and videos in one place on iCloud.com.

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external 24 Photographs Taken At The Exact Same Moment All Around The World —Wired

Anna Alexander, senior photo editor at Wired, wanted to execute an image-based project that would capture the theme of the magazine’s most recent issue guest-edited by Interstellar director Christopher Nolan. The idea was simple: capture a single photograph in every time zone at the exact moment of the fall equinox.

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external On The Ground In Syria: A Photojournalist’s Perspective —Lens Culture

I’m not just there to take their picture. I’m there to learn about them, and to show their truth in my photos.

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external An NPR Photographer Looks Ebola In The Eye —NPR | Goats and Soda

I only took a few pictures. I guess I felt sort of … I don’t how to describe it. I felt like I wanted her to not be standing there.

But I also feel like, look, this is what Ebola does to you, and this is something that maybe we need to see. We see survivor pictures. We see the dead. But very rarely do you see someone clearly being affected by Ebola.

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