external Save The Animals: Powerful Photographs Of Conservation Efforts —TIME

David Chancellor’s photographs document the work of the Northern Rangelands Trust, a Kenya-based NGO that has helped community conservancies learn to protect the wildlife they live alongside. Sometimes that means protecting people, as when an ornery elephant is relocated to reduce human-animal conflict. But often it’s a hard, dangerous battle against wildlife trafficking. As many as 1,000 park rangers have been killed in battles with poachers over the past decade. On the black market, slaughtering animals will always pay better than preserving them.

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external Sony China Teases “Lady-Friendly” Cybershot Camera —Sony Alpha Rumors

Sony China is teasing a new “lady-friendly” camera that is ideal for taking selfies. Apparently the market for “lady-friendly” cameras is growing in China. Interesting…

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external Photographer Larry Finks On Why He Shoots —Aperture Foundation

I first started photographing out of an almost pathological curiosity. Photography gave me license to be on the front row of things, to go to where the energy is, to explore places I might not have entered without the camera.

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external Photographing on the Ground in Gaza —NY Times

Sergey Ponomarev has encountered a war routine in Gaza, documenting the destruction and casualties of the latest conflict.

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external Firefox Android Beta Puts Instagram Feeds Straight Into Your Browser —Engadget

Here’s yet another way to browse your Instagram feed. With a new set of APIs, app developers can create a home screen page directly through the browser.

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external The Violent Opt-out: Neo-Luddites Attacking Drones And Google Glass —Forbes

A few people thinking a drone is spying on them is one thing, but if you look at how so many people want to use drones–farmers, police, pizza parlors, UPS, etc.–you see that this is really a popular new technology, and will soon be ubiquitous; and we’ll have to adjust to it, as we always do with our heedless acceptance of new technologies.”

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external Premium, Specialty, Niche: Welcome To The New World Order —Imaging Resource

The torch has been passed, and the balance shifted. Mirrorless cameras and models filling the specialty “niche” roles are now clearly in the ascendance over more traditional models, at least in the product-flow here at IR.

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external Editing Photos As If They Were Audio Files —Washington Post

We found that while the raw data makes no music, the waveforms share patterns. The audio file from left to right corresponds with layers of pixels from top to bottom. Echo — unsurprisingly — adds an echo, or duplicates elements of a photo. Reverb adds noise and invert turns the audio upside down.

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external Landmark Photo Essay: W. Eugene Smith’s ‘Country Doctor’ —LIFE

Eugene Smith’s at-times almost unsettlingly intimate pictures illustrate in poignant detail the challenges faced by a modest, tireless rural physician — and gradually reveal the inner workings and the outer trappings of what is clearly a uniquely rewarding life.

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external World’s Fastest Auto Focus Technology explained by Mark Weir —Sony Blog

Sony Senior Technology Manager Mark Weir explains the “World’s Fastest Autofocus” technology the company built into the Sony a6000. It gets pretty techy, so the technologically faint of heart may want to steer clear.

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