external How to Create a Variable 3 Point LED Lighting Kit for Macro Photography —Manual Mode


Photographer Bimal Ramdoyal wrote a tutorial sharing how he created a flexible and powerful 3-point LED lighting kit.

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external Photojournalist Michel du Cille Dies On Assignment In Liberia —Washington Post

Michel du Cille, a Washington Post photojournalist who was a three-time winner of the Pulitzer Prize for his dramatic images of human struggle and triumph, and who recently chronicled the plight of Ebola patients and the people who cared for them, died Thursday while on assignment for The Post in Liberia. He was 58.

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external Pilots of Instagram: Beautiful Views from the Cockpit, Violating Rules of the Air —Quartz

imageedit_2_4452752169In this investigative report, commercial airline pilots — who are subject to strictly regulated “sterile cockpits” devoid of distractions — are found to be posting beautiful pictures from the skies on Instagram.

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external Review: Lytro’s Illum is Expensive, but Less Gimmicky Than We Thought —Engadget

As an everyday tool, Lytro’s second-gen effort is still a bit too cumbersome for me to dedicate space in my main camera bag. As a statement of intent, though, the Illum succeeds in demonstrating Lytro’s aim of leapfrogging its past efforts.

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external Confessions of a Photo Contest Judge —DEDPXL

Don’t shoot for contests. Let me phrase that another way. DO NOT shoot FOR contests. Shoot FOR you. Shoot FOR your client. Shoot for anything but contests. You are your best and worst judge and it is you that you have to beat each and every time you go out and shoot. I’ve met photographers whose sole purpose in life were to win some of these contests. They wanted the plaques and the recognition. Some did well. They shot for the contests and they knew what kind of stuff generally placed. Many others never got so much as an honorable mention. It’s nice to be recognized by your industry as being good at what you do but it isn’t the end goal with life. It shouldn’t be.

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external An In-Depth History of Group f.64 —NYTimes | LENS

Biographer Mary Street Alinder digs deep into photographic history in her book “Group f.64”, which chronicles the rise and fall of the famed movement founded by Ansel Adams, Imogen Cunningham, Brett Weston and Willard Van Dyke.

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external The U.S. Interior Department’s Most Popular Instagram Photos of 2014 —TIME

The U.S. Department of the Interior shares stunning images of the country’s national parks and forests on their Instagram page.

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external Peter Lik’s $6.5M Photo is “Like a Hackneyed Poster in a Posh Hotel” —The Guardian

Photography is not an art. It is a technology. We have no excuse to ignore this obvious fact in the age of digital cameras, when the most beguiling high-definition images and effects are available to millions. My iPad can take panoramic views that are gorgeous to look at. Does that make me an artist? No, it just makes my tablet one hell of a device.

The news that landscape photographer Peter Lik has sold his picture Phantom for $6.5m (£4.1m), setting a new record for the most expensive photograph of all time, will be widely taken as proof to the contrary.

Jonathan Jones over at The Guardian has some pretty harsh things to say about photographer Peter Lik’s record breaking sale.

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external Video: How To Make Money Off Your Instagram Photos —ABC News

Instagram users are finding yet another way to cash in on their photos by posting items from their wardrobe accompanied by hashtags like #instasale and #shopmycloset. Style blogger Alyssa Coscarelli calls it the “2014 version of a garage sale”.

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external Calling Time on Hitler’s Hoax Photograph —History Today


The story of how a 90-year-old photograph of the future dictator soon after leaving prison in 1924 still manages to fool the world’s media outlets even to this day.

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