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external Will Your Photos Outlast You? —The Online Photographer

One of my ongoing interests—I won’t use the word concerns because that could imply worry or anxiety—is how long my images will last. Given my own impermanence, I lack the hubris to expect that any photographs I’ve produced will last forever. I’d certainly love for later generations to consider my work good enough to be worth maintaining, but that’s up to them to decide, not me. In any event, I won’t be around to enjoy it.

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external Instagram’s Kevin Systrom: People Keep Asking If My $1 Billion Was Too Small —Business Insider

“I get asked that a lot. If your goal is to maximize value and you know the future, then you can make your own conclusion,” Systrom told attendees, who chuckled at his response.

But, he says, “I love my coworkers and team. I love the things we work on. I love the impact we have in the world. I never think about that question.”

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external Photos That Brutally Demonstrate What Teenagers Will Endure to Escape to Europe —New Republic

Italian photographer Alessandro Penso clicked his shutter just as Mostafa El Mouzdahir, a 20-year old from Morocco, was purposefully hit by a car. El Mouzdahir sustained multiple injuries. When Penso went to see him at the hospital, he was holding a form police had given him, stating he had to leave Greece within 15 days. He was there illegally.

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external Cortona, Where Photography Brought a Town Back to Life —NPPA

Under the bask of the Tuscan sun it only took four years for the Cortona On The Move photography festival to become one of the world’s most important, if not the most fun, annual events on the international photography scene.

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external Do’s And Don’ts For Finding A Commercial Photography Agent —The Gren Group

We’ve added some new talent to our roster recently, and with that often comes questions from photographers about how to find representation. So this is for you, the aspiring photographer searching for that perfect relationship with an agency representative. There is (as of this writing) no for the photography industry – so we are are going to summon up 18 years of experience and give you the tools for your big search.

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external FILM REVIEW: Finding Vivian Maier —Photography Monthly

Vivian Maier, the nanny of street photography, today obtains the fame she never received, or perhaps desired, in life. Kathrine Anker gives you a first look at what to expect from the film from Charlie Siskel, and John Maloof.

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external On That Over-Processed Times Cover Photo of MA17 Crash Site —BagNewsNotes

retouched “[...] the printed version goes way too far, fundamentally misrepresenting reality. If something happened at night, you can’t turn it into day. It’s the kind of factual misrepresentation — in terms of orienting an event in time — that opens Pandora’s Box. (You’ll notice, by the way, how the alteration also makes the colors freaky — like you’re looking at the scene through a kaleidoscope.)”

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external Why You Should Not Take Photos Of The 7 Ugliest Buildings In D.C. —BuzzFeed

Benny Johnson of BuzzFeed visited seven different government buildings in Washington DC and attempted to take pictures from the sidewalks. The Department of Education was the only one at which he didn’t run into issues with security guards.

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external Overcoming A Brain Injury Through Photography —NY Times

Though he sees double and his vision is erratic — fluctuating hourly — he still takes pictures. But now he uses a plastic Holga camera to make images that convey how he experiences the world. His hands shake when he holds the camera, but he makes that work for him, though his photos are now blurry.

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external Fishing In South India’s Troubled Waters —NY Times

Photographer Selvaprakash Lakshmanan documents the harrowing consequences of rapid industrialization along the shores and seas of India.

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