external What Google Trends Says About the Photographic Lighting Industry —Lighting Rumours


A bit of sleuthing on Google Trends show some of the most popular lighting queries over the last 4 years. Searches for ProFoto and China’s Yongnuo are on the rise as well as increased interest in TTL flash. Brands like PocketWizard appear to be facing a general decline.

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external Concert Photography Restrictions Are A Disconcerting Trend —Cleveland.com

Is it protecting intellectual property? Is it safeguarding your “image”? Or is it mere vanity?

Whatever the “reason” – and I put that in quotes because I’ll tell you right up front, I don’t think there is a valid one – more and more artists and bands are restricting professional and amateur concert photography.

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external Still Discovering Dorothea Lange —NYTimes

Beverly Brannan has had a close personal relationship with Dorothea Lange for 40 years — even though they never met.

Ms. Lange died in 1965, almost a decade before Ms. Brannan started working at the Library of Congress’s 20th-century documentary photography division. But Ms. Brannan has spent thousands of hours studying Ms. Lange’s images and notes from her 1930s work for the Farm Security Administration.

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external Food Is To Be Enjoyed, Not Instagrammed —The Guardian

And when the shimmying waiter delivers the perfect plate, getting hung up on its beauty is a kind of betrayal of what cooking’s about. Good food should appeal to all the senses, except maybe hearing, though there are probably exceptions even to that. A picture can only reproduce rather inadequately one facet of the experience.

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external What Portable Flash Kit Should I Buy? —Learn from Joey L.

Commercial photographer Joey L. gives a comprehensive tutorial on how to build your own portable flash kit with some of his tried and true equipment.

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external Grooms-to-be Are Hiring Professionals to Photograph Their Proposals —Washington Post

We’re getting married! She said yes! Sooo happy!

The words are minimal because the photo does the talking: two big smiles and one sparkling jewel, soon to receive an avalanche of “likes.”

And since your entire social network will be seeing the happy moment, why not put the photo in the hands of a pro? An e-mail spree found 74 professional photographers in the D.C. area who have been hired to shoot a proposal in the past few years.

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external Choosing the 2014 Pictures of the Year —NYTimes

The 2014 Year in Pictures provides an opportunity to revisit and reflect on the dizzying events of the last 12 months — which included the Ebola crisis in West Africa, upheaval in Ukraine, a new mayor in New York, a police shooting in Ferguson, Mo., and conflict in Gaza, Syria and Iraq. Picking just 100 photos for 2014 was a daunting challenge.

A glimpse into how the New York Times chose its best photos from this past year.

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external Ode to Light: Making Street Photography in a Cynical Age —BagNewsNotes

But today, photography’s reputation has grown complicated. People often regard it with suspicion. It’s been marred by the proliferation of surveillance cameras, the ability to share images with the world instantaneously, the support for shameless paparazzi coverage, and our unconscionable rising penchant for making fun of and taking down others (especially when we can do so anonymously). Photography is associated with maliciousness, distrust, and exploitation more than ever, instead of what it feels to be to me: a shy overture of admiration.

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external Giving ‘Em Fitz: Hail to the Unsung Sports Photographers —The Philadelphia Inquirer

Think of Muhammad Ali gesturing at a prone Sonny Liston; or a bloodied Y.A. Tittle on his knees; or that from-the-rear image of Babe Ruth in the Yankee Stadium gloaming, wistfully leaning on a bat during what would be his final visit to the house he metaphorically built.

Those iconic shots, whether we realize it or not, make up our sports memory banks. Hear a name or an event from the past and chances are the image we mentally conjure is a memorable photo.

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external Cartier-Bresson’s Classic is Back – But His Decisive Moment Has Passed —The Guardian

That Cartier-Bresson is historically important is not in question: he was a master, if not the master as his champions insist. But The Decisive Moment, despite its beauty and excellence, belongs to another photographic time in a way that, say, Robert Frank’s The Americans or even William Eggleston’s Guide does not. Whereas Cartier-Bresson confirmed the traditional with his painterly eye, Frank and Eggleston signalled the future, their photographs informed by some deeper, darker narratives guided by their outsiders’ eyes. From where we are now standing – and looking – these are the decisive moments in 20th-century photography, their iconoclastic ways of seeing and shaping photography as we now understand it. Can we really say that about The Decisive Moment?

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