external Trying To Contain Ebola In Liberia —NY Times

I learned later that they looted the facility, including highly infectious mattresses. The epidemic deniers had just unwittingly and immensely aided the spread of the Ebola virus in their community. Let’s hope they were right that it is all just a hoax, but I think not.

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external New VSCO Film® Camera Profiles For Sony, Nikon And Canon —VSCO

VSCO has just released a free update for all five VSCO Film packs for Lightroom 5.6 and ACR 8.6 for Photoshop CC that is tailor-made for specific Sony, Nikon and Canon cameras. The custom camera profiles are designed for greater accuracy in developing film emulated images.

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external This Is What A Media Blackout Looks Like —National Journal

“We’re gonna put you under arrest if you don’t leave the area. This is your final warning,” an officer told us.

“We don’t want to have to take you to jail but we definitely will, OK?” one said.

We didn’t go to jail, we didn’t get arrested, but we also didn’t get the story.

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external The Zen of Rock Photography —National Geographic

I always have this feeling that this is the story in which everybody is going to figure out that I don’t really know what I’m doing, and it’s going to be the end of my career. I suppose I should have gotten over that a decade or two ago, but I didn’t. That dread is still with me. And I suppose I think that that dread is in some ways a good thing, because when you know that your pictures are going to appear on the pages alongside the likes of Dave Harvey or William Albert Allard or any other number of luminaries, you know, it really puts a burden on you—that this better be good.

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external Instagram Photos from Gaza Show the Shift from a Summer Lull to War —Washington Post

At the start of this summer, Instagram feeds of Gazans didn’t look too different from the rest of the world — photos of beaches, selfies and delicious food were filtered according to the appropriate hashtag. In July, everything changed.

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external 5 reasons the Olympus E-M1 will NOT get 4K video! —EOSHD

Sometimes the rumor mill is just so outrageous. I am not talking about the site admins (don’t shoot the messenger) but rather some of the sources who feed absolutely made up information. You may have heard the rumors of the Olympus E-M1 getting a 4K video firmware update, but 4K video on the E-M1 is a technical impossibility and here’s why…

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MIOPS: Smartphone Controllable High Speed Camera Trigger

MIOPS is a new smartphone-controlled camera trigger that combines all of the features photographers want in a high-speed camera trigger into one convenient device.

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external “I Didn’t Expect It to Feel Like War”: Covering Ferguson —News Shooter

The images of heavily militarized police in Ferguson confronting protests over the fatal shooting of 18-year-old Michael Brown by an officer have shocked the world. Even the United Nations secretary-general Ban Ki-moon has stepped in, urging law enforcement to respect international standards in dealing with demonstrations.
Journalists at the scene in Missouri have faced a double challenge. The first has been dealing with police hostility – including the arrest of veteran Getty photographer Scott Olsen on Monday.

The second has been covering the underlying story: not just filming the SWAT teams, tear gas grenades and angry exchanges, but capturing the emotions and experiences of residents.

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external How to Be the Best Photographer in a Tense News Situation —The Photo Brigade

In light of the situation in Ferguson, MO, photojournalists offer advice and tips on dealing with spot news and reporting in dangerous situations — be they protests, riots or a crime scene.

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external “Humans of New York Goes Global” —NYTimes

Although Mr. Stanton has attracted a huge following, some photography experts suggest that there are limits to the impact of his content. Nina Berman [...] praised Mr. Stanton’s work but said that the travel series “doesn’t allow for any complexity, give you any historical information or any way to access the greater picture.”

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external Mythbuster: Professionals Use Large Sensors —THEME

Could as well write: professionals never use Micro Four Thirds. There’s a lot of misinformation wandering around the business of technology. Fact is, as we all know, Micro Four Thirds, the pioneer of a truly digital imaging system, has grown into a formidable contender. Be it stills or video, only the practiced eye can tell a smaller from a larger sensor. If at all.

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