external When SpaceX Takes Photos on a NASA Mission, Copyright Law Explodes —Motherboard

Most every photo you’ve ever seen of space—at least the ones taken in space, have been yours. You’re either a taxpayer, or someone in the United States is a taxpayer for you. But now, with private companies flying missions to space seemingly every other week, it’s time to wonder: Who owns SpaceX’s photos?

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external ‘The Northern Lights are a Myth': Does the Camera Lie? —The Independent

The colours in aurora photos are real but exaggerated by camera exposures: the shutter opens; light accumulates on the electronic sensor, rendering pale and faint subjects bold and vivid.

All tour operators to the frozen north will tell you that bookings for aurora hunting have boomed in recent years, and I’d wager that increase is directly proportional to the proliferation of digital cameras. More people are taking and sharing photos, and the “myth” perpetuates.

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external Head-On Collision: Photography Legends Test Drive Google Glass —Spiegel Online

Google Glass / Bruce Gilden / RundgangRenowned street photographers Elliot Erwitt and Bruce Gilden ditch their Leicas for a day and hit the streets wearing Google Glass. Their test drive with the recently discontinued Glass Explorer version proved to be a clash between old masters and modern technology.

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external How the Camera Doomed Google Glass —The Atlantic

But Google Glass wasn’t just a way to keep a screen in front of your face all the time; it was also a way to record everything going in front of you. And it turns out very few people are willing to be viewed as walking, talking invasions of privacy.

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external Tamron 15-30mm f/2.8 VC Costs $1,200 —B&H


Late last year, Tamron announced its new 15-30mm f/2.8 VC, the world’s first ultra-wide zoom lens with both a fixed f/2.8 aperture and image stabilization. Today the company announced the price: $1,200. It’s now available for preorder for Canon EF, Nikon F, and Sony A cameras.

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external Professional Photographers Challenge $100 Fee to Shoot in Fairfax County Parks —Washington Post

It’s not an easy life for many professional photographers in the Washington region. A recent survey of 346 local portrait photographers found that more than 55 percent of them make less than $30,000 a year. And now, a group of photographers is pushing back against the Fairfax County Park Authority’s demand for $100 every time they shoot in a public park.

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external Opinion: The Myth of the Upgrade Path —DPReview

Though this may sound odd, I’m not trying to argue for or against upgrading: it’s the path and the assumption of destination that I’m questioning. Don’t get me wrong, full frame cameras are lovely things that can give you the power to take much higher quality photographs. But don’t let the manufacturers’ marketing of a halo product trick you into thinking that it’s the right answer for you or that you can make incremental steps towards it.

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external Talking with Photo Editor Karen Mullarkey —Vantage

Karen Mullarkey is one of the most influential and respected picture editors of all time. In my opinion she’s a national treasure. Dozens, if not hundreds of photographers owe much of their success to her (including me) […]

This is a part of her amazing story as she told it to me. If you care about photography, photographers, the editorial world or history, read on.

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external I Don’t Want a Zoom Lens on My Phone —The Verge

I wouldn’t blame you for disagreeing at first — on paper, a legitimate zoom lens sounds like an objective improvement to one of the most important things that the most important device in our lives performs. After all, digital zoom is nothing more than a quality-degrading crop. But it’s worth thinking about how and why we use our phone cameras.

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external What’s Up With That: You Hate Pictures of Yourself —Wired

Don’t get me wrong, I think I’m a decent looking dude. It’s just that sometimes when I’m a little fugly on film. It’s like that episode of Seinfeld where Jerry’s girlfriend only looks good in the right light. I’m generally OK with the reflection I see in the mirror, but the camera casts a pall on my visage. To my surprise, science agrees that the mirror is to blame, but not for the reasons I’d thought.

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