external The Secrets of New York Times Food Photography —NYTimes

shootingA look behind the scenes at the food department of the New York Times, where photographer Andrew Scrivani creates photographs of edibles for the newspaper. The photographer offers a glimpse into his studio and talks about his thought process in making food photos look delicious and desirable.

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external United Nations Holds Exhibition with Graphic Photos from Syria —The Guardian

exhibition“Images of tortured, bloodied and bruised bodies go on display in the glittering halls of the UN in New York for the next 10 days, to remind staff ‘not to look away’ from the humanitarian crisis in Syria.”

“The photographs were part of a cache of 55,000 smuggled out of Syria on flash drives last year by ‘Caesar’, the code name given to a former Syrian military photographer who defected.”

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external I Just Won a World Press Photo Award and a POYi, But I’m Not Celebrating —Vantage

“A documentary project about social issues is worth nothing if it doesn’t improve the lives of its subjects,” says photojournalist Tim Matsui.

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external Rumor: Canon Developing an EF 50mm f/1.2L II —Canon Rumors

canonlens“A redesign of the EF 50mm f/1.2L is under way we’re told. The new design will include a floating element like the EF 85 f/1.2L II and get rid of the focus shift problem that many experience with the current version of the lens.

The aim is also to make the lens lighter and speed up autofocus performance as well.”

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external The New York Times Launches @nytimes on Instagram —Instagram


The New York Times has launched its official Instagram account at @nytimes. It’ll regularly feature the work of photojournalists from all over the world.

The account is meant “to showcase our network of photographers and engage in the conversation and growing interest in photography that Instagram has encouraged,” the newspaper writes. “We want to provide some insight into how our photojournalists work.”

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external The Problem with World Press Photo’s Contest —Columbia Journalism Review

Photography is an inherently subjective medium. Calling it photojournalism embeds the image with an expectation of truth. But from the moment I choose where to stand, when to stand there, who comes with me as a guide or censor, where I point my gaze, which lens I use to see, how much light fills the frame, these are all subjective decisions. Is a balanced exposure a politically neutral one? Should I use a flash to turn a gray sky blue? Should I silhouette faces into darkened shapes, and create an image which sails past the forensic file analysts and WPP jurors, but may not be anything like what the human eye sees?

More importantly, but rarely discussed, what are the political, cultural, and commercial decisions that make a photo editor pick up a phone and tell a photographer, you need to photograph this story now.

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external Making ‘Art': A Photographic Tour of Sigma’s Lens Factory —DPReview

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe folks over at DPReview were recently invited on a tour of Sigma’s 58,000-square-meter lens factory in Aizu, Japan, where all of the company’s camera lens are manufactured (including it’s renowned Art series lineup).

They’ve published an interesting slideshow of 32 pictures to give you a glimpse into how things are made.

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external Sommelier or Snob: A Matter of Taste? —The Luminous Landscape

My point in the end is that we all have areas of expertise of one sort or another, and this likely provides us with a sensibility and sensitivity in an area which a lay-person likely doesn’t possess. So to argue whether a wine or a lens is worth a certain price requires that one understand the background of the person making the argument. If they have the credentials, and make an observation or judgment on something within their field of expertise, then maybe one should listen-up. If they’re a neophyte with an opinion, and not much else, then maybe just nod, smile, and have another sip of wine.

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external Photobucket Raises $3.6 Million, Plans To Acquire A Mobile Photo-Sharing App —TechCrunch

The new funding will serve two purposes, we understand. One is to expand the Photobucket Print Shop with new products to appeal to a broader user base. But the company is also doubling down on its mobile investments. Photobucket is poised to announce some new acquisitions, one of which is being announced as soon as next week. The company is interested in expanding its print offering around mobile, but also its overall mobile offering in the area of private group sharing. The forthcoming acquisition will aid with that effort.

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external Government to Pay $18K After Photojournalist Detained —StarTribune

The government has agreed to settle a lawsuit and pay $18,000 to the Toledo newspaper The Blade after a photojournalist and reporter were detained and had cameras confiscated last year while photographing a military tank plant.

The government did not acknowledge any wrongdoing in the settlement […] Military police told the journalists that photography of the tank plant was prohibited.

As part of the settlement, the newspaper agreed not to publish photos of the plant taken the day the journalists were detained.

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