external 2014 Olympus BioScapes Competition Winners —Olympus BioScapes

Take a look at what happens when you cross serious science and art photography. The BioScapes Competition reveal stunning images of nature through the lens of a microscope – including this year’s winning time-lapse of a developing fruit fly embryo.

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external Eastman Kodak Co.’s Bankruptcy, Finally and Officially, is Over —Democrat & Chronicle

Today Kodak’s business focus is almost solely on printing-related products, services and technologies.

That bankruptcy also came at a high cost. The company spent $245.2 million on attorneys, accountants and other Chapter 11-required expenses. And while it ended 2011 with roughly 5,100 workers locally, it finished out 2013 with 2,300 due to layoffs and spinoffs. Meanwhile, the end-of-2014 headcount to be announced early next year will undoubtedly be even smaller.

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external Best Space Pictures of 2014: A Year’s Delights Courtesy of Starry Nights —Nat Geo


The photo editors over at National Geographic hand select 12 of the most amazing, out-of-this-world pictures taken from space this year.

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external The Photographer Who Ansel Adams Called the Anti-Christ —Smithsonian

In 1937, the photographer Edward Weston wrote Ansel Adams a letter noting that he had recently “got a beautiful negative of a fresh corpse.” Adams wrote back expressing his enthusiasm, saying, “It was swell to hear from you—and I look forward to the picture of the corpse. My only regret is that the identity of said corpse is not our Laguna Beach colleague.” The “colleague” Adams referred to was William Mortensen, one of the most popular and otherwise respected photographers of the 1930s, whose artistic techniques and grotesque, erotic subject matter saw him banished from “official” histories of the art form. For Adams, Mortensen was enemy number one; he was known to describe him as “the anti-Christ.

Beware… some of Mortensen’s is a bit NSFW.

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external Charges Dropped Against Man Who Flew Drone Over Crash Scene —Columbus Dispatch

“Hopefully, everyone learned something here on both sides,” Ross said. “This is new technology, and it’s not going anywhere. We’re going to have to learn how to deal with it appropriately.”

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external It’s Safe to Buy a Point and Shoot Again —Reframe

DSLR sales are slowing down, but not as fast as you would expect. But let’s draw a line in the sand. You don’t need to shrink down you expectations just because you shrink down your camera. Camera size no longer equals quality. I’m not saying go mirrorless. In fact, I’m saying go smaller. Go point-and-shoot.

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external When Celebrity Photography Was Cool —Slate

“Part of the reason it’s so cool is because there wasn’t an enormous proliferation of images from back then,” Elterman said. “Having a camera was rare. When I was hanging out with the Ramones, they were like ‘Cool, Brad has a camera.’ Everyone is so guarded today. The pictures I took and like to take are kind of a chill idea of life imitating art, the stuff that normal people do.”

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external Fujichrome Velvia 100F 120 Film Discontinued —Photo Rumors


Due to low demand, Fuji will be discontinuing production of the Fujichrome Velvia 100F 120 film. Shipments will only continue from now until February 2015. If you’re a fan of this film, now’s the time to pick up as much as you can before it’s gone forever.

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external Flickr Pioneered the ‘Likes’, ‘Hearts’ and ‘Faves’ of Photo-Sharing —The Guardian

Flickr made a lot of us better photographers. The site’s coming of age paralleled the rise of digital photography, and as we tinkered with our fancy new cameras, we sought out people who could help. We found Flickr and its groups, filled in equal measure with people who were just starting out and people who were once beginners, too, and were more than willing to help us learn.

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external How to Create a Variable 3 Point LED Lighting Kit for Macro Photography —Manual Mode


Photographer Bimal Ramdoyal wrote a tutorial sharing how he created a flexible and powerful 3-point LED lighting kit.

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