external A Festival Of Ideas And Photos In Africa —NYTimes | LENS

“There’s a whole bunch of people under 30 who are creating amazing work,” he said. “What we need to do is to provide new opportunities for them to step in and assert themselves in a more patient way and build up a career.”

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external Poverty And Uncertainty For Widows Of Syrian ‘Freedom Fighters’ —NYTimes | LENS

Jordanian-born and Texas-raised photographer Tanya Habjouqa spent two years documenting the lives of several women and their families living in “Martyrs’ Wives” compounds after their husband’s deaths fighting in Syria.

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external See This Year’s Best Portrait Photographs —TIME | LightBox

Take a look at some of the best portrait photographs from the annual National Portrait Gallery contest. The winner of the Taylor Wessing Photographic Portrait Prize will be announced on November 11.

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external In Almost All Cases, Journalists Are Still Being Killed With No Consequences —Poynter

Earlier this week the Committee to Protect Journalists issued a report revealing that since 2004, out of 361 journalist deaths only 9 of whose killers had been prosecuted. With the toll rising, the report shares what is being done on a global level in the fight against impunity in journalist killings.

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external DIY Photography Hacks: How To Make Your Own Light Tent —Digital Camera World

This DIY light tent is about as simple as they come. It doesn’t take much more than some white fabric and a cardboard box to create stunner close ups.

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external Christoph Bangert, War Porn —L'Oeil de la Photographie

Photographer Christoph Bangert’s book War Porn is not one to be left out on the coffee table for pleasant perusing. In fact some of the images are so horrifying that the pages are still sealed together to let the viewer prepare himself for the image. It’s not just the blood and gore he’s trying to communicate, but the anger, weakness and emotion of modern warfare that often escapes our attention.

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external Bringing The Drone War To American Skies —NYTimes | LENS

U.S. military drone strikes, so common overseas, are virtually unheard of back on the mainland. The idea catapulted photographer Tomas van Houtryve on a mission to bring the drone war home. Strapping a camera onto his own drone, he sought to take the idea of foreign drone strikes and instead target similar domestic situations.

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external Without Curation, There Is No Photography —Thoughts of A Bohemian

Who is a curator? what is a curator ? Why do we need them anyways. The hidden paradox of photography is while it vastly assumed it’s the work of a lonely individual, it is not. In fact, it’s team work.

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external Light Meters Still Matter —Digital Photography Magazine

A quick run-down on how to use a handheld light meter and why you still should.

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external Follow The Everyday Lives Of Artists In Kabul —TIME | LightBox

The Little Book of KabulSubmersed within a community of artists in Kabul, photographer Lorenzo Tugnoli and writer Francesca Recchia wanted to portray a real image of the people in their element that contrasted with the outside world’s idea of a battle-ravaged Afghan capitol.

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