external James Blair On Recording History —National Geographic | PROOF

imageedit_4_7411584850Photographer for National Geographic, Jim Blair shares the story behind some of his most iconic photos and his thoughts on the immense responsibility photographers have in recording history.

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external 500px Co-Founder And Former CEO Ousted From The Startup —TechCrunch

“We’re just basically going different ways,” Gutsol said. “They have a very different opinion of where the company should go, and I think it was probably too strong of a push from my direction, it was probably too different – where I wanted to take the company and where they wanted to go.”

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external Twitpic Is Being Acquired, And Apparently Not Shutting Down Next Week —Engadget

Two weeks ago Twitpic sadly announced it was closing doors after trademark infringement threats by Twitter, Inc. In a shocking turn of events, the company has just announced its acquisition by an undisclosed buyer. User uploaded photos will remain on the site after all!

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external Before A Night At The Opera, A Day Backstage —NY Times | LENS

On some of the busiest days of the season, there can be more than 1,500 people bustling with preparations for at the Metropolitan Opera. New York Times staff photographer Sara Krulwich goes backstage as the Met prepares for this season’s opening night.

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external Rick Smolan’s Trek, From Australian Outback To Silver Screen —Nat Geo | PROOF

In 1977 photographer Rick Smolan was traveling in Australia on assignment for Time magazine when he encountered an angry woman in the small town of Alice Springs. Little did he know that 37 years later their story would be dramatized by movie stars.

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external Could The iPhone 6′s Camera Revolutionize Filmmaking? —Indiewire

For some filmmakers, the iPhone 6 with all its improved video technology may push it a little closer to becoming a staple in every cameraman’s pocket. Revolutionize? Not yet, but at least a strong contender for filmmakers devoted to smartphone cinematography.

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external Photokina: Nikon Defends Lack Of Large-Sensor CSC —Amateur Photographer

On the other hand it gives us advantages over other systems because, looking at systems that have this size of sensor, sorry to say, they are no longer compact. We have, and always will, bring new technologies to the market, but not at all costs…

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external Apple’s iPhone 6 Has Finally Convinced Me To Ditch My Compact Camera —TechCrunch

From this point on, the question isn’t whether smartphone cameras can catch up to their standalone counterparts, it’s how much better they can get in their own right.

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external The New York Times Could Never Have Published TMZ’s Ray Rice Video —Gawker

“However, there’s a rub: The video that’s now been watched millions of times over was heavily edited by TMZ. The raw video of Ray Rice knocking his then-fiancée unconscious is almost unwatchably glitchy. The site decided to delete and interpolate hundreds of individual frames to make Rice and Palmer’s actions more coherent—to make the punch appear as it actually happened.”

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external This Is Where The Slick Photos Of Military Jets Come From —Washington Post

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