external 5 Storytelling Rules Photographers Should Borrow From Pixar —CreativeLive

In 2011, Pixar’s story artist Emma Coats posted a list of studio rules for storytelling on her Twitter. Since then, creatives from all disciplines have applied the rules to their own art. Here’s what photographers can glean from one of the industry’s best storyteller.

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external 5 Ideas For A Great Indoor Macro Photography Session —PictureCorrect

With the advent of winter months come cold, dreary days and unpredictable precipitation. You could brave the elements and shoot the winter wonderland or you can sit back and let your macro creativity flow within your toasty home with these tips.

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external Vine Update For iOS Lets You Follow Channels And Post Straight From Photos App —DigitalTrends

Vine’s self-professed “best way to see and share life in motion” app has released an update that is optimized for iPhone 6 and 6 Plus, including improved sharing and browsing features.

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external An Intimate Portrait Of Hillary Clinton In Photographs —TIME | LightBox

imageedit_27_2351012799For 20 years, Diana Walker worked as Time’s White House photographer with a chance to walk alongside Hillary Clinton, who has traversed through Washington D.C. as First Lady, Senator, Presidential Candidate and now, Secretary of State.

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external The Beautiful Losers Of One Of London’s Most Well-Known Portrait Contests —Wash Post

imageedit_29_4592102833Just because you lose one of the most prestigious portrait contests around doesn’t mean your shot should sit in the dark for all eternity. At least that’s what Portrait Salon founders thought back in 2011. Since then, they’ve been showcasing the best rejects of the Taylor Wessing Portrait Prize here.

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external Taking Pictures: A Way For Photographers To Protect Their Work —The New Yorker

A photograph is taken: camera up, frame the shot, click, and you own the moment. Or there’s the digital pilfering way: click, save, and it’s yours now. And his. And hers.

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external Hysteria Or Proper Precaution — A Conversation With Michel Du Cille —Poynter

It is “pandering to the hysteria of ignorance,” said du Cille. “The most disappointing part of this bad decision is the disservice to the fine journalism students at Syracuse’s Newhouse School. What a missed opportunity to teach future media professionals how to seek out accurate hard facts; backed up with full details about the Ebola crisis,” he wrote in a Facebook post.

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external The Return Of Henri Cartier-Bresson’s Decisive Moment —TIME | LightBox

Henri Cartier-Bresson’s quintessential photography book The Decisive Moment is hitting the press for the first time since its only publication in 1952. Lauded as one of the most famous books in photography history, the second edition will be available for purchase in December.

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external Thomas Sauvin’s Beijing Silvermine —The New Yorker

imageedit_5_2785391248In 2009 French photographer and Beijing resident Thomas Sauvin came across a treasure trove of 35mm negatives at the edge of a recycling plant. Sifting through more than half a million images of post-Cultural Revolution life dating back to 1985, Sauvin has begun sharing the throwback images on his Instagram.

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external A Limited View Of Boys From The Bronx —NYTimes | LENS

imageedit_21_8877472192Beginning in 1977 and spanning the next two decades, photographer Stephen Shames immersed himself in the diversity, culture and community of the Bronx youth. Shames sought to capture the hope and camaraderie that transcended a largely misrepresented side of the neighborhood.

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