external Landmark Photo Essay: W. Eugene Smith’s ‘Country Doctor’ —LIFE

Eugene Smith’s at-times almost unsettlingly intimate pictures illustrate in poignant detail the challenges faced by a modest, tireless rural physician — and gradually reveal the inner workings and the outer trappings of what is clearly a uniquely rewarding life.

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external World’s Fastest Auto Focus Technology explained by Mark Weir —Sony Blog

Sony Senior Technology Manager Mark Weir explains the “World’s Fastest Autofocus” technology the company built into the Sony a6000. It gets pretty techy, so the technologically faint of heart may want to steer clear.

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external At Front Lines, Bearing Witness in Real Time —NY Times

The act of witness, a foundation of war reporting, has been democratized and disseminated in new ways. The same device that carries photos of your mother’s new puppy or hosts aimless video games also serves up news from the front.

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external What Does the Quad-Copter Mean for Landscape Photographers? —Photofocus

You hear plenty of people talk about how the copter is a “game changer” for photographers and videographers. I definitely think it is. Footage and photos that once required thousands of dollars (if not tens of thousands) of equipment and helicopter/jib rentals, can now be done for hundreds of dollars… [but] personally, photos from that high up don’t grab me.

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external Sony Boosts Sensor Output To Meet Strong Demand —Imaging Resource

While camera sales have been hard-hit by the rise of smartphones, demand for image sensors is stronger than ever. And that’s especially true of stacked, backside-illuminated image sensors, a popular choice in smartphones where the tradeoff between camera module size and image quality makes them particularly useful.

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external What Is Public? It’s So Simple, Right? —Medium

There are a lot of behaviors that are not entirely illegal that are profoundly destructive to an individual’s life, or to society’s fabric. Relying on legalistic definitions of “public” would only make sense if our legal system were thoughtful and current in its definition of the concept.

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external New York Daily News Lays Off Nine Photo Staffers —PDN Pulse

Yet another newspaper has taken steps to budget down by laying off newsroom staff including photographer David Handschuh who has been with the Daily News for 27 years.

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external 26 Popular Photography Cheat Sheets —Digital Camera World

Digital Camera World has collected all their best cheat sheets ranging from posing guides to optimal aperture settings to home portrait studio set-up.

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external Southbound: Holga Exposures —Exposure

Photographer John Bozinov takes a breath from his digital gear with chilling vignetted shots with his Holga in the South Islands of New Zealand.

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external Get The Best Performance From Your Camera Lens —The Online Photographer

This narrative walkthrough teaches the basics of manipulating your lens to achieve optimal results in your shots.

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