Using the Fuji GX 617 Camera to Capture 6x17cm Panoramic Negatives on 120 Film


This monster, pictured here next to a Minox, yields 6 x 17 centimeter slides or negatives on 120 film, 4 images on a roll which you can blow up to insane dimensions.

It all started in my photo club, where someone showed 1 meter big prints from Scotland. These landscapes were so incredibly detailed and rich they totally overwhelmed me, they hit me like lightning. They were taken with a Linhof 6×17 panoramic camera. Read more…

external The $800 Camera I Didn’t Use To Share My Hawaiian Vacation Photos —Gizmodo

Wi-Fi equipped point-and-shoots were supposed to bridge the gap between smartphones and cameras, and—don’t get me wrong—Sony’s RX100M3 is one of the best you can buy. (You could argue the Samsung Galaxy Camera is better, though its pictures are not nearly as fine.) But even the simple effort of touching a phone to a camera proved too great during our week-long vacation in Hawaii.

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About That 25-300mm f/2.8 You Wanted


I get an email or text about once a month asking me if I think Canon, Nikon, or some other photo manufacturer will ever make something like a 25-300mm f/2.8 zoom lens. I’m usually gentle with those people, because I realize that a lot of people truly believe that if they want something badly enough, someone could make it for them. Occasionally, someone exhibits the Dunning-Kruger Effect and tells me that they know it’s a plot on the part of the manufacturer’s to make us buy multiple lenses instead of just one that could do everything.

I had another one of those emails a few days ago, so I thought it might be interesting to show everyone what a 25-300mm f/2.8 would (approximately) look like.
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external Camera phones have become the best defense against big government —NYPost

The Second Amendment was designed to give people the right to the tools to fight back against their government if necessary.

Today we need a new Second Amendment — an express, broad right to film public officials doing public business. Politicians should be made to state a position on the matter.

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external Improving Your Photography by Taking Fewer Photographs —The Huffington Post

I often get asked for tips on how to become a better photographer. The majority asking are parents who want to take better pictures of their own children. Others just seem hungry for a quick fix. While I could easily put together a top ten list of hints or yet another “25 Ways to Become a Better Photographer” article, I feel the most important thing anyone can do to improve is to regularly practice mindful photography.

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The Photographer’s Manifesto


I have seen absolutely beautiful things happen in the photo industry. I’ve seen strangers become best friends, I’ve seen grand ideas being brought to life, and I’ve seen photographers grow from beginners to mentors. I’ve seen so many things that make me proud to be a part of such an amazing community.

The sad news is that I’ve also seen the uglier side of it. I’ve seen jealousy turn into bad-mouthing, I’ve seen photographers knowingly leave out key techniques from classes or talks, and I’ve seen new photographers become discouraged and disheartened by the cold shoulders of the more popular photographers in the industry. For a lack of better words, that sucks. Nobody benefits from negativity like that so we might as well get rid of it.

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external Notes from Svanetia: Fourteen Years Later, a Story Comes Full Circle —Nat Geo | PROOF

The hardest part of photographing on top of a 13th century defensive tower in the mountains of the Georgian Republic, is getting everything in the frame without falling off.

So, last summer, while I was photographing a group of teenagers hanging out on this ancient structure, I was paying more attention to where my feet were than the faces in my viewfinder. But three minutes into the shoot one of them looked straight at me and said: “I know you.”

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external The Ugly Truth About the Sexual Harassment of Models —Flare

“It’s important that big brands and corporations make a concerted effort to not allow sexual harassment on shoots,” says Rocha. “The clients who hire the models, the stylists and the photographers can all cast their jobs with whomever they want. Why would they choose someone who’s known to prey sexually on others?” As long as that’s even a question, there’s awareness to be raised, work to be done.

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external James Hill : Somewhere between war and peace —L'Oeil de la Photographie

Whenever I look at one of my photographs, some version of the scene plays out again in my mind’s eye. It isn’t long, usually just a few seconds—a brief cinematic recollection filled with sound and movement, a return to moments buried deep within my memory. Their vividness often unsettles me, as do the thoughts they evoke. Even though these instants may be frozen visually many remain for me emotionally unresolved, still demanding my attention years after I first witnessed them.

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external Notes From Svanetia: A Chance Encounter Leads to a Life-Long Love —Nat Geo | PROOF

I first stumbled into Svanetia on October 20, 1998, with my first camera and a backpack full of black and white film. It was the most beautiful and isolated place I had ever traveled. But beyond the obvious beauty of the place, what really made me stay were the people. And I did more than stay. I returned three years in a row –with money I made painting houses in the suburbs of Denver on breaks from college — to make my first photo story.

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