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Crazy Photo-Per-Day Lip Sync Time-Lapse that Took 1101 Days to Shoot

What do you get when you mix time-lapse photography, lip syncing to a Queen song and an insane amount of dedication? We imagine you get something like Day 1 by Matt Perren: a one photo per day time-lapse video that took him THREE YEARS to make. Read more…

Time-Lapse Growth of Las Vegas as Seen Through Space Photos

Want to see how Las Vegas has grown from 1972 through 2010? NASA created this unique time-lapse video using photographs captured by Landsat satellites. From this perspective, it almost looks like humans are a mold spreading across the face of a fruit.

Man Captures the Passing of 35 Years

Portrait-a-day time-lapse videos show the passing of time in a pretty striking way, but so does this project by a guy named Sam Klemke. Every year since he was 20 years old in 1977, he has made a short video of himself announcing the passing of the year. Now, 35 years later, he has created a compilation of the videos that allows us to travel back with him through time — from the digital age to the age of recording video on film. Maybe it’ll inspire you to start a photo or video project that spans decades!

(via Reddit)