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How Elephants Take Self-Portraits

Lonely Traveller” is a new photography-related t-shirt for sale over on Threadless. Basically, elephants have nature’s version of the XShot Camera Extender.

Lonely Traveller (via Photojojo)

Tripod Adapter and Case for the iPhone 4 by XShot

XShot, the company known for its handheld camera extender, has released a new iPhone 4 case designed to provide a tripod mount through a detachable adapter. A lot of iPhone owners seem to be interested in adding a tripod mount to their phone — a recent Kickstarter effort to create such a mount raised over $130K after asking for only $10K. The XShot iPhone case is different from other tripod mounts in that the mount is part of a detachable adapter that can be attached to either the side or the bottom of the iPhone.

It’ll be available by the end of November through the XShot store for $25.