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Student and Photo Enthusiast Takes His Own Grad Photo, Blows Away the Standard Grad Shot


For going on four years now, casual photographer and shop teacher Aaron Cyr‘s mom has been bugging him for a graduation photo. By this year, he was already two degrees in and about to get his third, but he just couldn’t make himself pony up for the standard, banal grad photos he saw his peers getting.

Still, you can only tell your supportive mom ‘no’ so many times, and so this year he delivered… on his own terms. Read more…

How to Make a Wooden AC Adapter for a Battery-Only Digital Camera

Many digital cameras are battery-only, and can’t be directly connected to an outlet for an infinite source of power. That’s ordinarily not a problem, but can become an issue if you attempt to do things like time-lapse imagery, for which the camera needs to stay powered and perfectly stationary for extended periods of time. That was the problem faced by Instructables member txoof with his Olympus E520. Handy with electronics and woodworking, he decided to build his own AC/DC interface for the camera, crafting a wooden mold that acts as a wall-powered “battery”.

If you have the same problem and aren’t afraid of sockets and buzz saws, check out his tutorial for instructions on how to do this yourself.

Wall (mains) Power for an Olympus E-510 (via Lifehacker)