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Lonely Diving Photos Snag Grand Prize in Google’s Photo Contest

Last November Google launched a Photography Prize for finding the “photography stars of the future”. After receiving entries from 20,000 students in 146 countries, Google announced the winners last week. The grand prize winner was Viktor Johansson, a 24-year-old photography student from Sweden who photographed the loneliness of competitive diving:

The judges were impressed and captivated with his series that focused on Christoffer Eskilsson, Sweden’s best male diver from 10 metres. Viktor has chosen to show us an alternative view, one that we are not used to seeing from sport photography in the media. Instead of glamorous action shots of an athlete in competition, he has produced arresting and unexpected photographs that focus on the long, lonely hours of repetitive training and practice that it takes to excel in your field.

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Amazing Footage of Chick Embryo Wins Nikon’s Small World in Motion Contest

Anna Franz, a researcher at the the Sir William Dunn School of Pathology at Oxford, has won Nikon’s first annual Small World in Motion competition with an amazing video that shows the beating heart and blood vessels of a 72-hour-old chick embryo. Franz cut a window into an egg to expose the embryo, and then carefully injected ink into the yolk sac artery in order to visualize the beating heart and the vasculature of the embryo.

(via Nikon Small World via Feature Shoot)

Porcelain Unicorn: A Powerful Short Film in Six Lines and Three Minutes

Last year Philips ran a contest called Parallel Lines in which they asked people to create a three-minute short film using only six lines of dialogue: “What is that?”, “It’s a unicorn”, “Never seen one up close before”, “Beautiful”, “Get away, get away”, and “I’m sorry”. After more than 600 entries were submitted, director Ridley Scott selected the above film, titled “Porcelain Unicorn”, as the winner.

You can also browse all the different entries on the contest page over on YouTube.

Porcelain Unicorn (via Reddit)

Defiant Herring Gull Photo Wins British Photography Awards 2010

The above photo of a defiant Herring Gull braving a wave has won this years British Wildlife Photography Awards, netting photographer Steve Young the £5000 cash prize.

Judge Greg Armfield of the WWF commented,

This is a unique and striking image. One that captures perfectly the power, chaos and intensity of the ocean as it surrounds the majestic gull.

While judge Tom Hind of Getty Images is quoted as saying,

I like the defiance in this shot – the gull’s refusal to be moved in the face of this crashing wave seems to sum up a peculiarly British stoicism! It’s also a great example of how the commonplace can be transformed in a judicious moment.

Check out the winners of each individual category here.

“So Long & Farewell” by Neville Black Wins Adorama iPhone Contest

Adorama announced today that “So Long & Farewell” by Neville Black was picked as the grand prize winner of the first annual iPhone Photo Contest, which comes with a $1,000 gift certificate as the prize.

Black tells us,

I’m a photographer based in Ottawa Ontario Canada (moved from Vancouver BC recently) and I’m still in awe at some of the architecture in the capital. I’ve shot most of it all before with my SLR but when I picked up the iPhone 3Gs to add to my camera collection, it was like rediscovering photography. The iPhone is in a world of its own, its amazing. I created this photo with TiltShift, DXP (blurry shampoo bottles made the sky) and my favorite app I pretty much use for all my shots, Lo-Mob.

The photograph was selected from more than 17,000 submissions by the team of seven judges.

To see the other photographs picked by the judges, check out the list of prize winners. Congrats Neville!

Image credit: Photograph by Neville Black and used with permission

Hallmark’s True Picture of Motherhood

Hallmark Cards recently held a photography competition in the UK called “The Picture of Motherhood”, inviting people to enter photographs that capture the essence of being a mother. After a nationwide search, an expert panel of judges has selected the above photograph, shot by Jenny Downing, as the winner. She comments,

I took this photo in India where I was working a few years ago, it depicts the natural instinct for a mother to protect her child. In the image she is putting a hat on her child to protect them from the sun. This encapsulates motherhood for me.

In addition to having her photograph featured on an upcoming Mother’s Day card by Hallmark, Downing will receive £1,000 worth of photography equipment.

(via Photo News Today)

Childhood Memories and a Lensbaby Winner

composer2Our Lensbaby giveaway has come to an end. In the past week, we received 566 entries (a new record), with 310 comments and 256 tweets. Our previous record was 510 entries a couple weeks ago when we gave away a Streetwalker backpack by Think Tank Photo.

I think our question, “What is your favorite childhood memory?”, is the most interesting one we’ve asked so far, and many of you wrote quite a bit in response to it.

More about favorite childhood memories in a bit, but first let’s announce the winner of the Lensbaby Composer. The randomly selected winner is…

#41: Maria

Climbing in parents’ bed and making clock-faces on Dad’s bare back… with my baby teeth! Yeah, he would half-laugh half-scream but still let me make multiple ones… I think/hope I tickled him more than I hurt him. Thanks, Dad, for enduring with love, you always warm my heart. <3

Congratulations! Please email me at [email protected] to claim your prize.

Thanks to everyone who entered and shared their favorite childhood memory with all of us! We’ll be giving away something again very soon, so stay tuned!

Here are some childhood memories we received this past week:


When I little my father was severely ill in the hospital for more than three months over the Christmas holiday. We were told Christmas would be very simple that year one gift for each of us. Then on Christmas Eve total strangers showed up and brought us gifts and food. With no income because my father was in the hospital, I remember my mother in tears of joy and gratitude over their kindness. We never knew who they were or how they knew, but it made Christmas very special that year. Also my mom let us keep up our artificial tree until he came home in March. We wanted him to enjoy Christmas at home , too.


My favorite memory is watching my dad taking family pictures with his Roliflex camera that was in a brown leather casing. Now I am fourty years old, a father of three sons, and my dad has passed away. I own his Roliflex camera and look at it in amazement everytime I take it out. It brings back fond memories of my childhood and who would have known that after almost four decades I would be into photography just like him. If only one day, my boys can follow my footsteps and enjoy photography as much as I have begun to.

Jennifer Squires Ross (website):

My favourite childhood memory was not having tv because I grew up in such a small town, so small that we didn’t even qualify as a village. There weren’t cable lines running out there (and there still aren’t) and aerial antennas didn’t do much because we were in a valley. We had to make our own fun which included building our own Ewok village and counting and installing our own population sign (262 people in case you were wondering). This small town called Hockley Village is what inspired me to become a photographer.

boris (@borborigm):

Being able to play for hours with a piece of wood

Streetwalker Backpack Winner


Wow… I’m pretty surprised at how popular this past week’s Streetwalker giveaway was. Over this past week we received 510 entries, with 230 comments and 280 tweets. To put that into perspective, the most responses for a giveaway prior to this one was 191 (when we gave away two Photomatix licenses).

To pick a winner, I assign each entry with a number, and use to randomly select one entry. Using this method, we found the winner of a Streetwalker backpack to be:

#144: Kerry (

I think it would be amazing to photograph the Country of Bhutan, it’s supposed to be one of the happiest in the world, and it’s very beautiful as well!

Congratulations Kerry! I hope you enjoy your new camera backpack.

Thanks to everyone who participated in this week’s giveaway. Be sure to check back again soon, as we have some pretty awesome stuff lined up to be given away…

I also really enjoyed reading all of your responses. Here are some of them:


Well, not so down to Earth speaking, in the broader sense of the word ‘world’, I’d really go and photograph the Universe, if one could only explore it. Think of all the nebulas, alien planets, and other unseen phenomena. Could result in quite some awesome photos.

On a more down to Earth tone, i’d make a one year (or more years, however long it takes), of all the world’s national parks. That could also result in quite some awesome photographs.


Martin (

It might sound strange for some, but I wish I could capture the life of the people of North Korea and show the world how life is over there.

4strinbass (@4strinbass):

My dream place to photograph would be the ocean floor of the Atlantic Ocean, want to get nite style shots of glowing fish

simonhucko (@simonhucko):

how about anywhere over the earth? i’d love to go up to the ISS with a camera