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Getty Images Sues Microsoft Over Embeddable Image Widget, Cites ‘Incalculable Damages’


A recently-released product by Microsoft that allows content creators to embed digital images on their websites is being called a “massive infringement” of copyright images in a lawsuit filed by Getty Images against the computer giant. Read more…

New Google Widget Lets Android Users Embed Photo Spheres on Any Website


Late last year, Google one-upped Apple’s iOS 6 Panorama feature by bringing a special street view-style panorama app called “Photo Sphere” to Android 4.2. With the app, users can create 360-degree panoramas that can be viewed as both flat images and explorable street-view “spheres.”

The only real pitfall was the fact that you were extremely limited when it came to viewing them as “spheres,” the way there were meant to be viewed. Unless you were viewing the photo on the device you took it on, Google+ or Google Maps, you were given a standard, flat panorama. Well, we can now consider that problem solved thanks to Google’s new Photo Sphere Widget. Read more…

Aviary Launches HTML5 Photo Editor for Flash-less Browsers

Aviary just launched a new HTML5 photo editor that lets you quickly and easily edit images without Flash. Third-party websites can also embed the editor, allowing images to be edited in place without having to visit Aviary’s website. The widget provides some basic features expected from image editors (e.g. cropping, brightness, contrast, saturation), but also some Hipstamatic-style image filters (instant, toy camera, old photo, retro) that style your photos with a single click.

HTML5 Editor (via Lifehacker)

Geeky Aperture Clock Widget for Photogs with Android Phones

Apparently inspired by the f-stop watch we posted on recently, theres a new widget for Android phones that puts an aperture clock on your home screen. Unlike the wrist watch, the widget actually adjusts the “aperture” depending on what time it is, though it refreshes every half hour to save battery life. The bad news is that this dash of geekery comes at a price — the app costs $1.05 over at AppBrain. Someone make a free version please.

Aperture Clock Widget (via Photography Bay)

Connect with Us Through Google

We’ve just added a new widget to the sidebar in addition to our Facebook page’s widget. You can now connect with us through Google Friend connect, which you can sign in to using accounts ranging from Google, Twitter, Yahoo, AIM, or OpenID. If you enjoy our blog and/or our tweets, you can support us by becoming our Google friend and having your icon appear in the widget!

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