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What Color is This Dress? Is it Under or Over Exposed?


What colors do you see in this dress? Is it an underexposed photo of a white and gold dress, or is it an overexposed photo of a black and blue dress? It seems everyone has a different opinion on these questions, and this photo has seemingly become the most talked about thing on social media over the past day.
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The Red Hallway Trick: Using a Colored Gel to Spice Up Your Background

Here’s a short and sweet video in which photographer/entrepreneur Gary Fong shares his “red hallway” trick for turning a drab background into something colorful. The basic idea is to trick your camera into thinking the world is a certain color by doing custom white balancing with a colored gel in front of the lens. Once you have the WB set, use the gel over your flash to color balance your subject while the background is transformed.

How to Turn Sunlight into Moonlight with Camera Trickery

This short video tutorial shows how you can shift the color balance of sunlight to create a blue background that looks like moonlight.

I wanted a night time look to this 20’s scene. Shooting later was not an option. This was a way to give a night time look to the sunlight streaming in the window. This technique can be applied to all types of photography. I saw a wedding photographer using this technique by putting a small amount of warm gel on his strobe which allowed him to let the background behind the bride and groom go slightly blue. This adds depth and interest. I have used it in corporate portraiture to create a cool background out of what was a boring scene. The blue becomes a unifying layer that pulls a background together into one element.

(via The Slanted Lens via NSOP)

Coffee Lids for White Balancing in a Pinch

If you need some quick white balancing for whatever reason, and don’t have a white balance card or Expodisc handy, you can try using a standard coffee cup lid. Photographer Steve Bennet always has some lids lying around in his car, and found that they work as rough white balancing tools.

To use, I set the focus to infinity, place the cap over, then set the custom WB. I dont even need to hold it as it fits nicely inside my lens hood, but that is just a lucky coincidence.

Of course, this won’t deliver perfect results that rival professional tools, but if you’re not shooting RAW and need a quick approximation, you might want to give this a shot.

Image credit: Emergency Exposure Disc by Steve Bennet and used with permission

Scientists Use Salty Lakebed as a Giant White Balance Card

Typical sized white balance cards may be of (literally) little assistance in color calibrating global imaging satellites, but scientists have figured a clever workaround. Lake Tuz, Turkey’s third largest lake, dries out annually and turns into a giant salt bed. Because of its vast size and unique salty white color, scientists worldwide can use the lake to standardize their satellite measurements.

From August 14-25, scientists will be comparing ground-based measurements and comparing them with satellite results.

Apparently satellites don’t come with preset white balance for “sunny.”

(via PopSci)

Image credit: Satellite image via Google Maps