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These Creative Wedding Invitations Made from Film Canisters are Perfect for Photographer Couples


If you’re a photo lover and you happen to be getting married to another photo lover, you’re going to (at the risk of sounding repetitive) love this little DIY project that photog couple Katie and Kyle put together for their wedding.

Rather than sending out typical wedding invites to all of the friends and family they wanted to join them on their special day, they decided to make these super creative invites using rolls of 35mm film instead! Read more…

Wedding Invitations in Rolls of Film

When photographers Larissa and Trevor over at Ambient Studios needed to come up with invitations for their wedding, they came up with the brilliant idea of sending the information rolled up in film canisters and delivered in brown paper and ribbon. It took an assembly line of 5 people to put together 40 of these awesomely creative invitations. Check out more photos on this blog post.

Image credit: Photograph by Ambient Studios and used with permission