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Inspiring Webinar by Tim Mantoani

Photoshelter hosted this truly inspirational talk with photographer Tim Mantoani. It runs a bit long, but it’s definitely worth a watch. Mantoani shares about what truly motivates and inspires him in photography, as well as the experiences photography yields. Most importantly, Mantoani talks about envisioning your dream photo and how to go about capturing it.

The photographer is a cancer survivor, and his experience has influenced his approach to photography. Mantoani has also been working on a fascinating project, Behind Photographs, in which he takes portraits of iconic photographers holding prints of their work. You can view some of Mantoani’s projects and other work on his website.

Chase Jarvis Announces Partnership with Free Live Online Classroom

Earlier today, photographer Chase Jarvis announced his partnership with creativeLIVE, a free, live online class site. Each class presentations is filmed live, to an in-person audience in Seattle, and streamed on the creativeLIVE website.

“The goal here is to help democratize creativity,” Jarvis wrote on his blog.

Jarvis said that he had been working on the site for the past year, in order to create a live, interactive classroom.  As an innovative model, Jarvis is offering the actual live, streaming footage for free, but the recorded versions of past classes must be purchased. The revenue goes towards supporting the site and the instructors.

The growing list of instructors boasts some pretty big names: Vincent Laforet tweeted that he will be leading a live three-day HDSLR workshop at the end of the month, and Zack Arias said he will be leading a studio class.

The calendar of upcoming webcasts and course list are available on the creativeLIVE site.

Instructor John Greengo is currently leading a 10-week Fundamentals of Digital Photography class, which began today.

Update: Here’s a short video announcement by Jarvis:

Manfrotto Offers Free Webinars Led by Pros

It’s pretty amazing how many free learning resources are available on the web for photographers. Recently, BBC Wildlife opened their Masterclasses, and Tamron launched a video series for newbie photographers.

Tripod manufacturer Manfrotto is also dipping into photo education by hosting the Manfrotto School of Xcellence. The program started last Thursday with a webinar led by Bill Frakes, and will continue this Thursday from 2-3 EDT with a lighting webinar held by Joe McNally.

Future class leaders include Roberto Bigano, Ami Elsius, Drew Gardner, Joe McNally, Marc de Tollenaere, Kristoff Ramon, David Duchemin, Jim Oltersdorf and Cliff Guy.

Topics and difficulty may vary, Manfrotto announced, but they will cover tips on video and photo.

The program is free, but requires pre-registration by email.