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How to Take Incredible High-Speed Photos of Muzzle Flashes

Here’s an interesting video tutorial by Destin of Smarter Every Day that shows how you can capture amazing photos of guns being fired and their muzzle flashes. Here’s the “basic” idea: he uses a piezoelectric transducer to convert acoustical energy into an electrical pulse, which he sends through a pulse generator. The pulse from the pulse generator is used to trigger a flash and an high-speed exposure. This allows him to photograph guns at the moment they’re fired in the same way many people photograph lightning.
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Revolver Camera That Shot Bullets and Photos at the Same Time

Used in New York back in 1938, this revolver camera was a Colt 38 with a tiny camera that would capture a photograph whenever the trigger was pulled. I sure hope those sample photographs taken with this revolver were shot while the gun wasn’t loaded…

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Image credit: Revolver-camera / Revolver camera by Nationaal Archief

Miss Scarlett, in the Study, with the Tripod

Perpignan, France is known in the photography world for the international photojournalism festival (Visa pour l’Image) it hosts every year, but recently it made photo-related news for quite a different reason — earlier this week a mentally-ill 47-year-old woman murdered her sister… with a tripod. Yikes…

Image credit: Image based on Vintage Clue game cards (weapons) by OnFoot4now