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The World’s Most Downloaded Man

This is probably the strangest and most awkward thing you’ll see today. It’s a short 5-minute video titled “The World’s Most Downloaded Man” that chronicles photographer Fernado Martins’ journey to meet Jesper Bruun, the world’s best-selling stock photography model. It’s actually part of a marketing effort for Martins’ photo studio, C├ómera Clara Photography Studio in Brazil. For some strange reason the video is going viral online, despite the fact that Yuri Arcurs (the world’s top selling microstock photographer who works with Bruun) has come forward to say that Bruun isn’t actually the world’s top selling model. The whole thing doesn’t make much sense to us — kinda like this performance art piece.

(via PopPhoto)

Extreme SD Memory Card Testing

Remember Sid, the “disturbed, hyperactive, sadistic 10-year-old boy” in Toy Story that abuses his toys? This viral ad for Samsung SD cards shows what it would be like if Sid grew up and became interested in photography.

Something tells me memory card makers don’t usually test their products quite like this.

(via Laughing Squid)