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Videos for Creating Cool 3D Light Objects Using Only a Tablet and Camera


We’ve shared a few pretty cool cross-section light painting projects before, but none of them were ever very… shall we say… cheery. Both projects — 21:31 and Andy Leach’s hologram photo — were created using the same eerie video of human slices from the Visible Human Project. But for those who wanted to toy around with cross-section light painting and re-creating 3D light objects in their photos, that’s all they had.

Well, not anymore. Photographer Hugo Baptista has put together a Vimeo group called “Cross Section Objects for Light Painting“. It contains a number of videos that you can load onto your tablet or smartphone and use to create 3D light painting objects.
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The Next Step In the Evolution of Light Painting

The video above was put together by the European art duo known as Sweatshoppe, and believe it or not, there was no post-production used in creating it what-so-ever. They call the technique — which they pioneered — video painting, and they make it happen by using custom-built electronic paint rollers and custom-designed software. As you can see, the final result is pretty awesome. For more info, check out the video’s Vimeo page.

SWEATSHOPPE Video Painting Europe (via Fstoppers)