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Incredible Timelapse-like Aging Animation Made from Family Portraits

The video above is equal parts mind-blowing and unsettling. Created by filmmaker Anthony Cerniello with help from a couple of animators and a photographer, it’s a timelapse-like animation that captures the process of aging in a way we’ve never seen before. Read more…

Portraits of People with Their Pictures Projected Onto Themselves

Blind Spot is a new photo project by photographer John Clang in which he had people pose for portraits with their eyes closed while a previously captured portrait was projected onto their faces. The resulting images fall somewhere in the uncanny valley.
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Photorealistic Faces Coming to a Video Game Near You

Inanimate objects in video games have long been quite realistic, but facial expressions on human characters haven’t been nearly as believable. For a new game called “L.A. Noire” by Rockstar Games, a newly developed piece of technology called MotionScan was used in which real actors are surrounded by a whopping 32 cameras to accurately document both their body motions and facial expressions. As you can see in the behind-the-scenes video above, human characters in video games are about to get a whole lot more realistic — we’re just about out of the uncanny valley.

(via Engadget)