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Unbelievable Fantasy Photos of Ants

Photographer Andrey Pavlov‘s images of ants may look like they were computer-generated or created with dead insects, but they’re actually real photographs of living ants. Pavlov spends hours setting up his fantasy scenes and then waits for his ant subjects to interact with his miniature props in just the right way.
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“Eye Candy” by Superfad is a Mindblowing Display of Creativity and Imagination

Sony recently hired Superfad to create a video for its global “make.believe” campaign, and got its money’s worth. This jaw-dropping video was created with a Phantom HD cinema camera shooting at 1,000 frames per second, and blends live action and CGI into ethereal scenes that are sure to leave you take your breath away.

An extra treat is a short behind-the-scenes video of how certain scenes were created. We are in awe.

(via Chase Jarvis)

Water Drop at 2000 Frames Per Second

One thing I love about photography and videography is that it often allows us to see things in different ways, whether it’s macro photography or slow motion video. The above video is absolutely stunning and will probably blow your mind. It shows an experiment in which a water drop is filmed at 2000 frames per second, revealing something you probably never knew about the behavior of water.

(via Derren Brown Blog)