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HTC Facebook Phone Pre-Loaded with Instagram, UltraPixel Causing Delays


Facebook is preparing to launch a new smartphone through HTC, and Instagram will be one of the beneficiaries of the partnership. Unwired View has published a leaked list of specs for the “HTC Myst”, as it will reportedly be called, which reveals that the photo sharing app will come preinstalled on the phone.
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HTC Announces the One, Shakes Up the Mobile Photo Market with ‘UltraPixels’


The “ultrapixels” that were rumored earlier this month have arrived. HTC announced its new flagship smartphone today. Called the HTC One, it features new camera tech that aims to shake up the world of smartphone photo snapping.
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First Photos Captured Of and With HTC’s Upcoming Ultrapixel Smartphone?


Last week we reported that HTC is preparing to launch a new camera sensor technology called Ultrapixels, which aims to improve image quality using a Foveon-style stack of three sensor layers. The smartphone imaging war is heating up, after all, an rivals like Nokia are investing heavily in photography technologies of their own (e.g. PureView).

We’re reportedly just days away from seeing the official launch of the new HTC phone (which may be named the M7 or the HTC One), and leaks are beginning to spring. There’s a good chance we now have the first product shot of the phone and the first published shot captured with the phone.
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