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How to Build Your Own Fully Functional Nikon DSLR Costume

Photographer Tyler Card‘s uber-creative Nikon DSLR costume was the talk of the photo world this past Halloween. If you’ve been wondering how he managed to make a fully functional giant DSLR, you’re in luck: Card has written up an extensive tutorial explaining how it was done:

[…] it really takes pictures, and comes complete with LCD display, pop-up flash, and shutter release button. I built this entire costume in one week, for only $35 dollars (excluding the cost of the camera equipment and laptop), with materials located at any local hardware store.

Fully Functional Camera Costume [Instructables]

Camera Costume Ideas for Halloween

Want to create a photography-related costume this halloween? Here are some fun costume ideas to give you some ideas. The above is a standard Canon point-and-shoot that has a tiny camera in the lens.
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Fully Functional Nikon DSLR Costume

For Halloween this year, photographer Tyler Card decided to made a giant Nikon DSLR costume. Not just any DSLR costume, mind you, but a fully functional one. The camera actually takes pictures when the shutter release button is pressed, and the photograph is displayed on the giant LCD screen on the back. The built-in flash also works, and the camera is even capable of triggering Alienbees strobes.
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