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One Advantage of the Small Sensors in Cell Phone Cameras

Cell phone cameras have pretty poor image quality when compared with point-and-shoot cameras due to their small sensors, but one advantage they have over compact cameras is a naturally deep depth of field. That was particularly useful for this YouTube user in capturing some sharp video of his new motorcycle — something that would have been much more difficult using a standard point-and-shoot.

(via Fstoppers)

Nikon D5100 Commercial with a Twist

Nikon is running a new “Man of Action” commercial starring Ashton Kutcher in the US that features the same “twist” as the Olympus PEN commercial we shared in the middle of 2010. Sorry for the out-of-sync audio (let’s just pretend it’s dubbed).

A Fun Way to Shoot Lake Reflections

YouTube user haakvi was taking pictures of a small lake near Oslo, Norway with his Nikon D90 when he noticed something interesting about the lake’s reflections. This video shows an interesting way to shoot the reflections — you could do the same thing with photographs, but then you wouldn’t have the “twist”.

Traditional School Portraits with a Twist

In 2009, Kingston University students Samantha Harvey and Anna Brooks were trying to photograph children at a school when they were told by the headteacher that they could only photograph single child and only show the back of their head.

In response to this incident and the growing paranoia of photographing children, the duo began shooting Class Portraits, a series of photographs that puts a twist on classic school photos by having the only visible face be the teacher’s.
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