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Custom SLR Uses Shrink Ray on the M-Plate, Out Pops the M-Plate Mini

Rumors of a soon-to-arrive iPad Mini are heating up, but one photo gear company has beaten Apple to the “mini” game: Custom SLR announced its new M-Plate Mini today. It’s the smaller sibling of the company’s M-Plate Pro, which takes up more space because it includes a couple of extra connection points for attaching accessories (e.g. the company’s strap and hand-grap strap mount).
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Uber Flexible Tripod Heads by Induro

There’s a video demonstration of a Chinese military shovel that’s becoming quite popular on YouTube. Induro’s PHQ-Series tripod heads are similar in that they seem to do a little of everything. These are a cross between flexible ball-heads and accurate pan-heads, offer five directions of precise control (quintaxial positioning), and are equipped with five different bubble levels to help you adjust. Want to take 3D photographs? There’s a feature for that.

The PHQ1 for smaller cameras will cost $230, while the PHQ3 will sell for $290.

(via Wired)

Acadalus Helps You Keep a Level Head

Getting a tripod head level can be a hassle, as Dr. Carl Koch found out on a cold night in Switzerland when photographing a Christmas display. He then spent four years inventing the Acadalus CPS-H1, an advanced self-leveling camera head that automatically levels a camera with the touch of a button. Killing hassles comes at a steep price — the Acadalus costs $5,000 for the studio kit, and an extra half-grand or so if you need the battery pack and charger for outdoor shooting.

Acadalus (via Wired)