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Tripod Adapter and Case for the iPhone 4 by XShot

XShot, the company known for its handheld camera extender, has released a new iPhone 4 case designed to provide a tripod mount through a detachable adapter. A lot of iPhone owners seem to be interested in adding a tripod mount to their phone — a recent Kickstarter effort to create such a mount raised over $130K after asking for only $10K. The XShot iPhone case is different from other tripod mounts in that the mount is part of a detachable adapter that can be attached to either the side or the bottom of the iPhone.

It’ll be available by the end of November through the XShot store for $25.

Gary Fong Creates Simple Tripod Adapter for the iPhone 4

Gary Fong, the dude and company behind the LightSphere, has come up with a simple adapter you can use to attach your iPhone 4 or iPhone 3GS to a tripod. Unlike existing tripod adapters that utilize special cases or suction cups, Gary Fong’s adapter allows you to simply slide your phone in — assuming you don’t use any kind of case that changes the dimensions of your phone.

However useful this adapter might be for you, the price might cause you to go with a DIY alternative — the plastic adapter will set you back a cool $20. The adapter will go live in the Gary Fong store on September 3rd.

(via Wired)