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Magic Cable Trio: One USB Cable to Rule Them All

Tired of packing a huge mess of cables every time you go on a trip? The Magic Cable Trio is a 3-in-1 cable designed to cut down on your clutter. It lets you power and sync a wide range of devices ranging from phones, iOS systems (e.g. the iPad), music players, and compact cameras. Just make sure your device uses miniUSB, microUSB, or an iPhone dock connector. The three connections are daisy-chained, making it uber-compact and easy to manage. They cost $20 over at Innergie.

Magic Cable Trio (via Wired)

How to Make Your Own Canvas Print

Earlier this month we shared a hugely popular post on transferring a photo onto a block of wood. Well, the same technique can also be used to create a canvas print. All you need, besides the stretched canvas, is some gel medium and a photo printed with toner (e.g. made with a laser printer or photocopier). The gel medium is used to “steal” the toner from the paper, and once the paper is rubbed away, the print remains. Check out the full tutorial over on A Beautiful Mess.

Make Your Own Canvas Portrait! [A Beautiful Mess]

P.S. Be sure to check out the wood transfer tutorial if you haven’t seen it already. It’d make for a neat gift for the holidays!

How to Transfer a Photograph Onto a Block of Wood

Here’s a quick and easy tutorial that’ll teach you a cool method of transferring a photo print (black and white or color) onto a block of wood.
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Toshiba Unveils Wireless SD Card, Joins Eye-Fi in the Revolution

Here’s some good news for people who find memory card readers and data cables a hassle — Toshiba has unveiled a new “FlashAir” SDHC memory card with built-in wireless LAN functionality. It’s similar to Eye-Fi‘s offerings, but Toshiba’s cards will offer something that Eye-Fi’s don’t: two-way transfer. This means they can not only send photos wirelessly, but receive photos as well — perfect for quickly exchanging photos on the go with a friend’s camera! You’ll be able to purchase the cards starting in February 2012.

(via Toshiba via Help Net Security)

What the ‘x’ Means When it Comes to Memory Card Speed

Instead of labeling their memory cards in MB/s, some manufacturers choose to use “Times” ratings (e.g. 8x, 12x, 20x, etc…). While it’s pretty clear that a higher number indicates faster speed, what exactly is the number a multiple of?
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Sony Incorporates TransferJet Tech into the Memory Stick

In early 2008 Sony unveiled a new technology called TransferJet that allows wireless data transfer. Now, Sony has begun incorporating the technology into its Memory Stick memory card format, enabling owners of Sony digital cameras to transfer data without needing any cables.

TransferJet is a technology that allows wireless data transfer at speeds that rival Wi-Fi, but only across a very short distance (3cm/1.25in). This means two TransferJet devices need to be essentially touching for transfer to work, but it also provides an element of security, since a thief would likely have to be able to steal your device physically before they could steal your data.

Some of you might be wondering what the difference is between TransferJet and Bluetooth. The main differences are transfer rate and range. Bluetooth transfers at up to 3 Mbit/s while TransferJet boasts 375 Mbit/s. The extremely limited range of TransferJet also solves many of the security issues that have plagued Bluetooth.

Sony loves to make their gadgets play well with one another, and you will begin seeing Vaio notebooks with TransferJet technology soon. Other computers may require special receivers to place your cameras on.

(via The Imaging Resource)